Exercising While Traveling

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May 2, 2014

77738697 We all know the importance of healthy eating and daily exercising, yet too often we find excuses when it comes time to kick-start a daily exercise program. A busy life and choosing convenience over substance often sabotage our best intentions.   

Between sitting in the RV while traveling or sitting around the campfire while at the campsite, laziness perpetuates laziness. So, in order to fully enjoy our vacation days, whether they are a weekend or extended travels, eating healthy and exercising while traveling will enable us to enjoy all the outdoor activities that come with RV travel.

Eating healthy while traveling is easier than you might realize. You can seek out fresh, healthy foods by shopping at local farmer’s markets, roadside farm stands and U-pick orchards and farms. The local farmers can also explain which fruits and vegetables are currently at their best, how to prepare them and how to best preserve them as you continue traveling.

Exercising while traveling doesn’t mean packing up the home gym or visiting unfamiliar health clubs. There are numerous ways while RVing to get in your daily exercise. Explore the park or campground you’re staying at. Hike or bike the local trails. If the weather permits, swim or kayak any nearby lakes or rivers. Read up on the doings of the campground to see of any upcoming activities. Balance your activities to include using most of your body’s muscles for the best all-around workout. Get creative! Remember, as long as you’re moving, it’s good for you.

Reward all your exercising while traveling with at least one healthy meal a day. We understand that RVing and camping entails a little junk-food, just don’t make it your entire diet. One last thing, if you travel with kids, encourage them to stay active too. A scavenger hunt is a great way to entertain kids and adults alike, while promoting physical activity. When you’re out in nature, embrace it. Limit time in the RV during the day to a minimum. Make it a goal to be active at least one hour each day.

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  1. We love that you are promoting a healthy lifestyle. It's so important, not just on the road. It's definitely so much harder to stay healthy on the road. but you make it sound like an adventure. Thanks for the article!