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September 7, 2011

ADCO RV Covers Protect Your Investment from Nature’s Worst

Let’s face it, RVs are expensive and require constant maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. Most RVs sit for months on end while they endure environmental wear and tear. While it’s easy to park your RV in a storage lot and forget about it until the weather improves, your RV is losing value on a daily basis as its surfaces deteriorate.

Do the Math
The relatively small investment you can make in protective covers goes a long way for your RV. For example, let’s say you spend $400 on a cover for your Class A motorhome. When you consider that most off-the-shelf RV covers last about two years, you are essentially paying $200 per year or just over $16 per month to protect your RV from the elements. If you were to visit your RV on a cold day in January, it would be hard not to see the value in spending $16 per month (about 50 cents per day) to prevent your RV’s sidewalls from yellowing, the rubber roof from cracking, the plastic from clouding, the decals from peeling and the exposed surfaces inside the windows from fading. The prevention of such deterioration can have a drastic impact on resale values as well as general upkeep for your own usage and enjoyment. When you do the math, suddenly purchasing an RV cover seems like something you can’t afford not to do.

Evolution of RV Covers
ADCO, a fourth-generation, family-owned business, invented the concept of Universal-Fit RV Covers almost 30 years ago. The original owners lived in South Bend, Indiana and watched the birth of the RV industry. (In fact, ADCO stood in line behind Fleetwood representatives when they originally incorporated.) RV manufacturers were popping up on every corner in Northern Indiana and regularly called upon ADCO for a variety of products to be used in vehicle production.

The First RV Cover
ADCO saw a hole in the market for a line of protection products and designed what would later be called the first Universal-Fit RV Cover – meaning that one size cover might fit several different length RVs. The first covers produced were little more than giant polyester bags, lacking shape or any significant elements of design. Nonetheless, Camping World decided to test market this product in what was then a three-store chain. RVers immediately responded to this product category and enthusiastically purchased all of Camping World’s stock. ADCO refocused energy on RV cover engineering and began to introduce new models in stronger fabrics.

Explore the Options
Camping World now offers several models of ADCO RV Covers to suit your climate, your budget and the time in which you plan on owning the vehicle.

SFS Aqua-Shed RV Covers: SFS Aqua-Shed by ADCO is a great cover solution for vehicles that are stored in mild environments or for short periods of time. The triple-ply roof provides an essential barrier from dust, rain, bird droppings and light snow. Convenient tie-downs make installation painless and intelligently placed reinforcements promote a longer product lifespan. Need to access your RV while in storage? Zipper panels make entry a breeze.

Designer RV Covers featuring DuPont Tyvek RV®: If you are like the majority of RVers, you probably store your RV where it’s either really hot or really cold. In both scenarios, the weather will rapidly take a toll on your RV. ADCO’s Designer RV Covers, which feature patented Tyvek RV® fabric by DuPont, are an excellent solution no matter where you live. Tyvek RV® fabric is durable, lightweight, and scientifically designed to prevent dirt, dust and bird droppings from coming in contact with your RV’s exterior. Triple-ply sidewalls and roof panels take the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury, be it sunshine, snow or rain. While it’s always advisable to remove an RV cover in the event of strong wind, ADCO has added vents to these covers to both reduce moisture build-up and allow trapped air to escape the cover. As an upgrade to ADCO’s Aqua-Shed Covers, the Designer Covers offer strap and buckle attachments on the end as well as weighted assist buckles for the bottom – both of which allow for easy installation. Features aside, Designer Covers simply look fantastic. Subtle swirls and bands of color are sewn into the sidewalls of each cover, mimicking contemporary RV paint schemes.

Custom-Fit RV Covers: Some RV owners may love their RV so much that they plan on keeping it for many, many years. Given that most off-the-shelf covers last about two years, why not spend a few extra dollars and invest in a custom-fit RV cover that will not only fit your coach like a glove, but last five years or more (depending on fabric selection). In addition to Custom-Fit Covers in DuPont Tyvek RV® fabric, ADCO also offers Sunbrella® by Glen Raven Mills. Available in Tan or Gray, Sunbrella® can be fabricated into a cover that will last five years or more and will be a product that your fellow RVers will envy. If you aren’t familiar with this fabric, perhaps you’re not aware that all of the blue fabric used in the marine industry is Sunbrella®. This woven acrylic fabric is perhaps as good as it gets when you want to protect your RV from the elements.

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Protection for Your RV’s Accessories

Wheels: ADCO also offers a full line of protective covers to compliment their RV Covers. The most popular product is ADCO’s Ultra Tyre Gards. These are essentially tire covers that are intended to cover the RV’s tires that touch the ground – as opposed to the spare tire on the rear of the RV. Ultra Tyre Gards are an inexpensive method of prolonging the tire’s life by blocking the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. They help eliminate sidewall cracking which can lead to on-road blowouts and premature tire replacement. Considering how costly RV tires can be, ADCO’s Ultra Tyre Gards can save you tons of money.

New! In 2010, ADCO introduced Designer Tyre Gards to compliment ADCO’s Designer RV Cover series. These Tyre Gards boast matching color schemes and upgraded Velcro® fastening systems. Sold in sets of four in a handy duffle storage bag, these covers are a must for anyone who purchases a Designer RV Cover.

For your spare tire, why not replace the tire cover that bears your dealer’s name with one of ADCO’s beautiful US Flag Tire Covers or perhaps the popular “Support Our Troops” model.

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Windshields: Have you ever sat in your Class C motorhome with one of ADCO’s vinyl windshield covers and wished you could enjoy both your privacy and the scenery outside your RV? In 2010, ADCO also introduced it’s Deluxe Windshield Cover for Class Cs. This cover features roll-down windows with privacy screen so that you can enjoy the view while your neighbors outside can’t enjoy the view inside. These covers are a great way to keep an eye on the kids while they play outside as well.

Other Accessories: ADCO also offers durable vinyl covers for RV accessories, including rooftop air conditioner covers, LP tank covers and a 5th wheel skirt that encloses the area under the front of the 5th wheel for storage while parked. Find them all at Camping World SuperCenters, online at or by calling 800-626-5944.

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