RV CoverHow To Choose the Right RV Cover

 As much as you love it, chances are you will eventually trade in your RV for a newer model. Its value will be greatly determined by the condition of its exterior. Of particular concern will be the RV’s roof, the roof-mounted accessories, the body paint or decals, the rubber trim and tires. Interior furnishings that receive sun exposure through windows will also be considered. These various surfaces, both inside and outside the coach, tend to show weather-related wear and are generally expensive to replace.

Protective RV covers are an inexpensive and effective method of protecting your RV from the harsh winter elements. The industry leader in all types of RV covers, ADCO offers a selection of fabric choices appropriate for any climate in which your RV will be stored, covers designed to fit virtually any type or size RV and the option of choosing a well-fitting out-of-the-box cover or a custom-fit cover for optimum fit and protection.

Choosing the Fabric to Best Fit Your Needs

It is important to select the right protective cover for your RV. There are two primary concerns when choosing a cover: the correct size and the correct fabric. To determine the correct size, the RV should be measured by hand to determine an overall length. Make sure to include bumpers, spare tires and ladders, but exclude hitches where applicable. A correctly fitting RV cover will look better, last longer and install faster.

Select a fabric that suits your climate. Choose the SFS Aqua-Shed cover if you live in areas with mild to moderate rainfall. The DuPont Tyvek® cover should be used in locations with snow, intense sun or intense rain. These protective fabrics have been developed through years of testing and engineering. The result is lightweight materials that are durable enough to stand up to Mother Nature.

DuPont made further improvements to an already best-selling fabric by upgrading weatherability formulations within their Tyvek® fabric. The strength and toughness retention of Tyvek® have been dramatically improved as a result. ADCO has also increased the UV inhibitors in all of its protective fabrics, with the goal of increasing the benefits and protection for your RV.

In addition to SFS Aqua-Shed and DuPont Tyvek RV® fabric, ADCO also offers an additional fabric type for custom-fit covers known as Sunbrella® fabric. This woven acrylic fabric is perhaps as good as it gets when you want to protect your RV from the elements. Sunbrella® can be fabricated into a cover that will stand up to environmental wear and tear and can last five years or more.

Universal-Fit Covers: Universal-fit RV Covers cost between $75 and $450, depending on the fabric you select and the size of your RV. A 30′ Class A cover that costs approximately $250 is warranted by ADCO to last two years (depending on your local climate, this could be far longer). This results in an average monthly cost of about $10 – a nominal expense considering the return on your cover investment when you sell or trade in your RV. Universal-fit covers protect the critical roof area of your RV with your choice of SFS Aqua-Shed or Dupont Tyvek® while shielding the sides with heavy-duty, advanced-technology polypropylene.

Custom-Fit Covers: ADCO also offers RV owners the option of a custom-fit cover for their RV or other vehicle, such as a box trailer used to haul motorcycles or ATVs. Made specifically to fit your RV or other vehicle, a custom-fit cover is available in Dupont Tyvek® or premium Sunbrella® fabric. Custom-fit covers are made entirely of the fabric of your choice.

All ADCO cover fabrics “breathe,” letting moisture escape to deter mold and mildew formation while still protecting the vehicle from moisture, sun, dirt, dust and other environmental elements. All covers feature built-in strap-and-buckle fastening systems; Universal-fit covers offer additional elastic cord cinching where applicable to take up excess fabric, resulting in a smooth, streamlined fit. Ladder caps offer additional protection for the high-wear area over a roof access ladder. Seams are triple-stitched for exceptional strength and durability. All include a durable storage bag to protect the cover when it is not on your RV.

So choosing the right fabric and fit when purchasing a quality ADCO RV Cover can result in preserving your RV’s exterior to last for years to come. For the best selection of RV sizes and fabrics, late summer and early fall are the optimum time to purchase your RV cover to ensure you’re ready for Old Man Winter to arrive.

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  1. Bill Lamica

    Purchased a new ADCO cover; instructions state to pad any sharp corners before installation. One would think ADCO or the seller of the covers would know what is acceptable to use as padding between their cover and the EPDM rubber roof.
    I posed the question to ADCO who recommends to use old towels (which would attract moisture & promote mold) and if that wasn’t an acceptable method, I could buy their patch kit for when the cover fails.
    I’ve tried forums, the coach manufacturer and ADCO; no one seems to want to give real advice.
    The cover is worthless. This will be the second winter season I have not used the cover. Too late to return it, cannot use it… maybe EBAY it.
    Time to build a pole barn for the trailer.

  2. John Kennedy

    I bought my 2006 Lazy Daze 30′ class C new. I bought my first Adco cover and it lasted 3 years. I then bought another one and it lasted less than a year. Adco replaced it under warrenty but the replacement went apart in 9 months. I noticed I could see the color design of the motorhome right through the cover.
    I saw an add for Calmark Covers Co. in Oxnard, Ca. and downloaded the measurement sheet to give the information that Calmark requested. It took a month for my cover to be made but well worth the wait.
    You decide: all Tyvec, better tie-downs, 6 year warrenty, class service at $1000.

  3. Butch Parthree

    ADCO cover that I purchased was the worst buy I have made. The cover does not fit correctly on my 5th wheel trailer. The clips that come with the cover were sprong and would not stay connected. I contacted the company three times before I got 6 new clips, which is less than half of what I needed. Of the six new clips. three were as bad as the ones that came on the cover, The dealer where I purchased the cover contacted ADCO three times before thay got a response with 6 more clips with two defective. I have to tie the ends to ths cover together to keep it on. DO NOT reccomend ADCO covers due to quality and non-response and quality of cover.

  4. Michael Hillhouse

    Buyer Beware from Nissan Extended Warranty . I received a notice from Nissan N.A and they never had the decency to respond any further about their decision to deny the coverage of their defective parts. I replaced the defective parts on my wifes Maxima. Their dealership tried to dupe us on the repair by claiming the transmission also needed to be repaired which turned out to be false. I refused the repair and after replacing the timing sensor the computer was reset and the transmission is working fine. We own 2 Nissans and are VERY Disappointed by the way Nissan treats their customers . I will never buy Nissan again and will post this on AARP , Good Sam and Face Book to warn everyone about Nissan and their so called Extended Warranty which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.