Top Rated Parks Populate Nova Scotia

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January 31, 2012

Baddeck Cabot Trail CampgroundIf you decide to head to the cooler climates of the island of Nova Scotia located just across the border U.S. Canadian border, you’ll certainly have a number of pristine Good Sam RV Parks to choose from to visit – many of which are among the Good Sam Trailer Life Directory’s Top 100 Rated Parks.

Such top rated parks include:

Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground (9/10*/10) located in Baddeck

Bras D’or Lakes Campground (9/10*/10) located in Baddeck

Elm River RV Park (9/10*/10) located in Glenholme

Hidden Hilltop Campground (8.5/10*/10) located in Glenholme

Dunromin Campsite (9/10*/9.5) located in Granville Ferry

Scotia Pine Campground (9/9.5/9.5) located in Hilden

Rayport Campground (9/10*/9.5) located in Martins River

Any of these would be a fine choice for your Nova Scotian stay. But the Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground is one experience that you wouldn’t soon forget. Located just off the Cabot Trail on the northern tip of the island, this campground offers spectacular views and luscious greenery amongst the soothing roll of the water’s waves of the Baddeck River. Amenities offered at this Good Sam RV Park include WiFi, a heated pool, spacious lots for any size RV, a restaurant and more! So if you’re looking for a few spots to stop and experience the Canadian terrain first-hand, Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground is definitely worth your time.

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  1. Nickolas Knought

    I am surprized that someone would say Nova Scotia is an island.> At the northern tip of Nova Scotia is Cape Breton Island connected by a causeway and is part of Nova Scotia. This route around the island is one of the most breathtaking scenes in all of the N. American Eastern coastline. It is well worth the trip. I have lived there and returned for another trip and will do so again .PS the people are great.

  2. Brian DeAthe

    Nova Scotia is a peninsula, not an island. No ferry required to get here. There are many campgrounds in Nova Scotia which aren’t Good Sam parks. Most of them are good, but the Good Sam ones are usually really great. Enjoy our province.

  3. Steve

    Not to disagree with the two posts listed, however I have great difficulty in seeing what either have to do with “top rated partks in Nova Scotia”?????

  4. B. Patton

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  5. D.R. Jacobs

    We have been RVing for about 14 years, have spent at least one night in every State in the Union (-) Hawaii, ten Canada Provinces/Territories and five Mexico States. In observing the physical size of most fellow RVers, I’ve concluded that we are by no means a model of health. I am not casting stones as I have a mirror that truly reflects. Too many regional delicacies, too many hours sitting behind the wheel or around the parks, too many snacks to keep us “energized” and too little effort to stay fit. It is possible to stay in shape, but it takes a concerted effort. After getting off the road and setting up, it’s so easy to pop the top of a cool one and relax. What do you do to stay fit?