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January 31, 2012

Good Sam member Don Carroll of Liberty Hill, Texas, sent the following request for help to Good Sam Action Line:

In January 2008, I purchased a 30-foot Keystone Copper Canyon camper from RV Outlet Mall in Georgetown, Texas. The front Filon siding came loose and buckled in several places. They repaired it under warranty in October 2008. It happened again in 2011. I returned it to RV Outlet Mall on October 24, and they took pictures and sent them to Keystone. I still have not heard anything from the dealer, and when I called them, they had not heard from Keystone. I do not expect this to be repaired under warranty, but do expect it to be repaired at no cost to me, since it has happened again at an estimated cost of $1,700. RV Outlet Mall’s service manager told me it usually is caused by leaking water, and he did not find anyplace it could leak. If this cannot be resolved to my satisfaction, I think that Keystone and RV Outlet Mall should provide me with a comparably priced camper at the cost of what I owe on this one ($15,000). Thank you for any assistance you can provide on this matter.

After Action Line sent a petition on Don Carroll’s behalf to Keystone and RV Outlet Mall, we received the following letter from Keystone’s Christy Anglemyer:

I spoke with Mr. Carroll this afternoon regarding his email to Good Sam Action Line. Keystone will supply the parts at no charge. Mr. Carroll and RV Outlet Mall have agreed to split the cost of the labor. Mr. Carroll is very grateful for everyone’s assistance in this matter.

Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolved thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance, contact Action Line.

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  1. IN 2010, I bought a new cadilac = $ 50,000, 4 year warranty. 2012, I bought a new Fifth-wheel = $ 50,000, 1 year warranty. Why has the RV industry lagged behind in adopting a more reasonable warranty program ?

  2. Paul – Your fuel tank could have been exposed to the elements when the chassis sat outside waiting for the coach to be built. There’s not a good way to determine the extent of the damage, if any, without visually inspecting the tank. We are unaware of any recalls for fuel tank rusting. You may want to double check with NHTSA for any recalls. Good luck and if you could like to contact Action Line about this, click here.

  3. Paul – we are checking into the history on this question and will get back to you as soon as we can. Also, please let us know if we need to step in with our Action Line services.

  4. Paul Stanton

    In August2011, my wife and I purchased a 30 ft 2007. Jayco Grayhawk motorhome. We are both pleased and impressed with our unit. Our problem is with the Ford E-450 chassis that the unit is on. After purchasing our unit and getting it home, we began to inspect & look over more closely. We then discovered the 55gal. gas tank was quite rusty with the paint peeling off, some spots worse than others.

    We contacted Jayco concerning the issue and concerns we had with the gas tank, and were told to contact Ford Motor Co.. We did this on December 13, 2011 by certified U S. Mail, encluding our current e-mail & home address’s, home & cell phone numbers, with pictures attached as well.

    We have not received a responce of anykind from them.

    My question for Good Sam is – Has a recall ever been on a defective gas tank of this kind before?
    And also, in your opinion, is this normal for a gas tank that is a little over 4 years old?

    The cost of 55 gals. fuel as well as our safety is a BIG concern for the both of us.

    Any help or assistance from Good Sam Action Line would be dearly appreciated.

  5. Leslie & Liz Fletcher

    We’ve had the same problem with a Copper Canyon 5th wheel made by Keystone 2008. We ended up having to put in an aluminum sheet to replace the bulkhead siding that shattered in the winter from the cold. It ended up costing $1400. The dealer said that it wasn’t worth putting in the same plastic stuff, as it would just keep breaking. This all came out of our own pocket.
    We don’t feel that it was fair to have to replace factory defects at cost to us, but we needed to do something, so we could keep using our RV.
    I now warn people against buying this particular make of trailer.

  6. Norm Marks

    What’s the latest regarding the Presidents Club being combined with the Good Sam Club as to how that will be handled for those of us who are lifetime members of Good Sam?