Notebook Portable Grill

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May 28, 2008

Notebook Portable Grill

Here is an interesting twist on the portable barbecue grill, out of the U.K., called the Notebook Portable Grill. Weighing a tad less than nine pounds (4.0KG for the metric-minded), the grill folds flat just like a notebook computer. Ready to use, the grill measures twelve inches high, twelve inches wide and eighteen inches long. I could not find very much information on the size of the grilling surface. One U.S. distributor, A+R Global Design, claims 192 square inches, and that seems about right based on the exterior dimensions. For comparison, a Weber® Q™ 100 has 189 square inches of cooking area.

The Notebook Portable Grill looks like an attractive solution for those who are storage space challenged in their RV’s. At just a few inches thick, when folded, it is the perfect size for pass-through storage areas and even tent trailers.

Happy camping!

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    Gas or charcoal? How much?

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    I went to the A&R Global site, and they gave very little details other than size… but from what I can see in the pictures, this is a charcoal grill… Too bad, I’m in the market for an ultra-compact gas grill. Any suggestions?

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    These little grills are great for camping (never enough space on our RV). And if you have not tried to cook with charcoal in the last 3-4 years – the technology of charcoal has changed significantly (much to my surprise). The new technology charcoal lights easily with a single match, no more charcoal lighter; and is ready for cooking in minutes. As of Jun 14 ’09 this type grill sells at K-Mart and Sears for $24.99 (if you order online for Sears store pickup/shipment the cost is $19.99). We wonder how we managed to RV without it. We are retired and RV travel 1/2 of the year.

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    These are great little charcoal grills for camping and RV’ing, or just about anywhere that storage space is limited. There have been some complaints that they are a bit flimsy and not necessarily up to the rigors of rugged travel but considering the modest price tag the notebook portable grill is still worth consideration in my opinion.

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