Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer!

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July 16, 2018

Is your RV refrigerator struggling to keep up with the hot summer weather?

Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to a newer refrigerator with increased capacity, updated features and a more modern look?

No matter the reason, there are plenty of replacement options available on the market today. One new option is Norcold’s Polar line, the next generation of RV gas absorption refrigerators.

It starts with more space

As with many aspects of RVing, space is the “final frontier” for RV refrigerators. After all, more storage space can mean fewer trips to the grocery store. And, the more space you have, the more you can bring along what you really want and need.

Polar is the answer for a large group of RVers who want more refrigerator storage space.

In fact, Norcold significantly increased capacity so that the new Polar 7LX is a 7-cubic-feet model that fits within the same cutout as 6N/NXA, 6-cubic-feet units it replaces.

Even more space

New Polar 8LX models also boast slightly increased storage space – every little bit helps, right? – in the same cutout over previous N/NX8 series, 8-cubic-foot units that already boasted industry-leading capacity.

The new Polar 10LX is a 10-cubic-foot unit that fits in the same cutout as the previous N1095 model. It’s an up-charge, but RVers can get lots more storage space – about two cubic feet more! – by upgrading from their 8-cubic-foot refrigerator to a Polar 10LX, which amazingly fits in the same cutout.

New Control Panel

An additional reason to move to new Polar LX is a new touch-control LCD display panel – without buttons and switches – that puts you in command of an adjustable thermostat and mode select.

When installed, Norcold models are also known for being more at eye-level than the other brand, which makes them easier to see and operate.

Other Features

Polar offers many other user-friendly features, including enhanced styling, shelving and crisper improvements, new pocket handles and optional ice makers.

To further improve the RV lifestyle, Norcold also optimized everything from hiding liners for a better appearance to adjustable wire shelving lips to maximize food security.

On Rebate

By the way, now is a really good time to purchase a new Norcold refrigerator. They’re on a manufacturer’s rebate program from July 9 to Sept. 7, 2018: $50 for replacing a Norcold model, but doubling that to a $100 rebate for replacing a non-Norcold model.

Note that you will be asked to supply a photo of the sales receipt, along with both the old refrigerator’s model and serial numbers, to qualify for this digital rebate.


Lastly, a bit about Norcold, a 59-year-old American-owned company that’s based in Sidney, Ohio. Most long-time RVers recognize the Polar Bear that’s been part of its logo for decades. It recently invested in state-of the-art technology, which was how it was able to develop and manufacture the new Polar models.

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