We took our RV in to our local RV repair and service shop for its first annual inspection. Our appointment was for April 14, 2012, which also happened to be the expiration date of our RV’s warranty. We received a call from Miller’s RV on April 17 stating that the axle bearings were overfilled, causing bearing grease to contaminate the brakes. Consequently, the brake liners needed to be cleaned or replaced. I opted to refer this service to the company we bought the RV from because they’re a Keystone dealership and would be able to pursue this under warranty.

Keystone replied that the service was denied because the warranty expired on April 14, the day we took the RV in for service. Furthermore, they stated that this issue would have been noticed long before the expiration date and incidental damage is not warrantable.

I had my head at each wheel every time I removed the parking blocks, and there was nothing noticeable from the outside. The RV has been parked since last fall and was only minimally used in its first year. We would appreciate it if you would contact Keystone on our behalf.

Edwin and Mimi Dunckfey
Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

ACTION LINE: Good Sam members Edwin and Mimi Dunkley sent Action Line a thank-you note after Action Line contacted Keystone RV Company on their behalf: Keystone is covering the repair. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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