Well, it’s that time of year again: time for all good parents and partners to think about St. Nick surprises for camping and RVing friends and family members. Here are a few neat ideas for stocking stuffers this year to get you jump-started on your shopping.

Remember, according to tradition, at least in the Midwest from where I hail, St. Nick comes the night of December 5th and leaves his goodies in stockings hung from the mantel. Or, if you are mantel-less, he leaves a simple pile of goodies or stuffs them in a sock or stocking left somewhere near the front hallway or front door of your home or RV.

And, while lighting accessories are always a good stocking stuffer, I have profiled nice solar and hand crank flashlights and efficient headlamps in years past, so I will not add them again here. But they are always a good St. Nick’s gift. But for new ideas for this year, here goes:

  • A colorful mini-emergency radio. Listed at only $29.95 from LLBean, this handy radio is 2.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wideEmergency Radio (58x67) by 1 ¾ inches deep, so it will easily fit into the smallest places. Available in a variety of colors, this radio charges with a hand crank or via a mini-USB cable which is included. It receives AM, FM and all sever NOAA weather stations so you can easily follow news and storm conditions.


  • Delicious wool socks. One new variety I discovered this year was the FITS brand. FITS socksMy husband brought a pair back for me from the 50 K Birkebeiner Cross Country Ski Race in Hayward, WI. Black with a teal accent, I loved them immediately, then I put them on my feet. Never have I had a pair of socks feel so delicious on my feet. I wear them whenever I can. Your feet, also, deserve this special treat. As an added bonus the customer service at the FITS company is exceptional as well!
  • Carbohydrate Replacement Gel. If you are a hiker, snowshoer, cross country skier or like to do anything out of doors for more than a half hour, you may want to check this out. Our favorite brand is Hammer Gel. Available in 18 different flavors, you can purchase a large 26 serving container of your favorite flavor for $24.95. The Raspberry flavor is delicious! The Hammer Nutrition company also usually includes some nice freebies, such as a sample of a new flavor and a small flask to carry the gel on your hike. Items may be purchase directly from their website, www.hammernutrition.com.Hammer Gel
  • A package of hand and foot warmers. Always a good idea in winter weather and also handy in chilly spring temperatures as well, you can buy a family pack of 10 pairs of hand and foot warmers for approximately $24.95. Handy to keep in the camper for cooler days and nights.
  • For the nature and animal lover who has everything, you can adopt an animal in his/her name. For a mere $15-$25, you can adopt an otter, a bobcat or lynx for a loved one. These gifts that do the world good are available from https://www.nrdcgreengifts.org/gifts/Save-Wildlife.  The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to safeguard the Earth: its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.
  • Finally a Good Sam’s Campground Guide is also a terrific idea. To order one, browse RV and campground directories at the Good Sam online bookstore.Handwarmers

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