Camping World Introduces Good Sam Endorsed Products

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September 21, 2011

Where do the majority of RVers most often learn the secrets of the road? From other RVers of course! Camping World understands this and knows it also holds true when looking for the most practical and useful RV parts and accessories. They know what Good Sam members like yourself find most practical and useful on the road, so in an effort to help you choose the best product for your RV lifestyle, they have introduced Good Sam endorsed products!

These official Good Sam endorsed products represent a cross section of RV, outdoor, camping and towing accessories and are manufactured with Good Sam Standards and customers in mind. Look for the distinct Good Sam packaging and logo on select endorsed products in Camping World SuperCenters, in their catalogs, and on More and more Good Sam endorsed items will arrive in stores and online through April 2012.  So now, you won’t have to guess what products other Good Sam members find most handy in their travels – you’ll already know when you shop at Camping World!

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  2. We checked with the people at Camping World on this product. They tested several of the vent cushions on various units, and in their experience, the test cushions fit all standard 14 x 14 units. So for a first step, can you check to see if your vents are a standard size? If they turn out to be standard, please email [email protected], and we will check into these issues further. Thanks for your valuable feedback on this product.

  3. Linda Brewster

    These vent cushions worked for us only when there were no vent fans in the vents. We used one in the bedroom of our trailer and it worked fine – kept out the early morning sunlight, and of course, helped with both cold and heat. However, we have a motorhome now with a fantastic vent in the living area and the cushion won’t work.

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  5. Pat – this vent cover is supposed to fit all standard 14″ x 14″ vents, so we’re not sure as to why this doesn’t seem to be fitting your unit. We are in the process of checking with the product buyer on this and hope to be able to provide a solution to your dilemma shortly.

  6. Anton Uhl

    I purchased three on sale at Camper’s world, not that expensive when on sale. works great to keep out light and hows to keep camper warm. Just push into vent.

  7. Pat miller

    I purchased one of these vent covers and unless I completely disassemble the vent the cushion will not go up or in. It fits around the edges but unless I am missing something it is a pricy seat cushion!