Firedude’s RV software review #1.

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February 17, 2009


I know you’ve seen me mentioned it several times, so I thought I’d do a review. It’s worth the information. Over the last 5 years it’s been a life saver for me and the great part id it’s all in one program. No longer to I have file scattered all over my hard drive, forgetting where they are. RVer’s Notebook was developed by, and was the brainchild and passion of, Mickey Ivey. First released in early 2004, the program has evolved tremendously from the first beta version, to become a highly successful tool for many RVer’s.  It is such a useful method of maintaining records for one’s recreational vehicle, tow or towed vehicle, and the travels made.  With thousands of copies sold and in the hands of RVer’s across America and Canada, it has become a valuable, reliable software tool for savvy record-keepers. Great for all RVer’s! The only downside I have found is unfortunately as of this time the software is not available to MAC users. Hopefully maybe sometime in the future they will have a MAC version. It is currently only available windows Windows 98 or higher versions.

Mickey passed away very unexpectedly in November, 2006.  Because of his untimely passing, his family is determined to uphold and maintain his legacy of dedicated customer support of RVer’s Notebook. I knew Mickey and he will long be missed in the RV world. He was an RVer’s RVer. I was last with Mickey at Quartzsite in 2005 shortly before his unexpected passing. Kudos to his family for continuing to bring us a valuable tool and program. First thing that hit me was the ease of use. The interactive menu make sit usable by anyone, No special skills needed. It does it all.  I was astonished at everything it did and how easy it was. Truly a great program for all RV’ers. I have everything I’ve done to my RV such as maintenance, repairs, modifications and you name it, plus more. I have reviewed a lot of Rv software and haven’t come close to any doing what my RV Notebook does.

Here is just a few of the things the software does.

  • One of a kind and Easy to use software for Windows 98 or higher operating systems.
  • Keep all the important information about your RV in one place.
  • Supports Class A, B, C, Fifth Wheels and Trailers. Screens change based on RV type.
  • Supports up to 10 RV’s with unlimited Toad or Tow Vehicles.
  • Database of over 200 tire specifications by manufacturer.  You can easily add more.
  • Extensive weight calculator with problem solving suggestions.  Covers weight and balance corrections.
  • Calculates the correct tire pressure based on axle weight and tire load rating.
  • Keep track of campgrounds you visit and your ratings.  Provides support for GPS coordinates and calculates miles from home. Let’s you keep pictures of the campgrounds you visit.
  • Campground section supports searching of your records by criteria.
  • Keep details of your RV service  or maintenance records.  Costs are automatically added to the expense record for one time entry.
  • Support for generator maintenance with service alerts.
  • Unlimited maintenance or service alerts for your RV or vehicle by mileage, time, or both.  Easily turn them on or off.
  • Maintenance, campground and expense records are linked for one time entry.
  • Keep track of all of your expenses by category using checkbook type entry.  Includes 22 preset expense categories and 9 user- defined. You can rename the preset categories.
  • Summary screen displays amount spent by expense categories by year to date, all expenses and date range. See all expense detail for a category by a single click.
  • Includes a Scrapbook  to record text and pictures.  Copy and paste text from the Internet or other sources.
  • Includes a Trip Log to record all of your travels,  mileage and time between points.  Also in printable form for later entry.
  • Includes an address book for contacts and business that is integrated with service providers and campgrounds.  Includes fast-find lookup. even add a picture to remember the contact.
  • Event Calendar to remind you when an event will occur.  Keep track of rallies, events, birthdays or whatever.
  • Support for US and Canada. Switch back and forth at any time making data entry easier.
  • Enter data in US or metric.  Auto conversion between the two systems.
  • Backup data easily to CD R, Thumb Drive or Hard Drive . Use to keep PC and Laptop in sync.
  • Preview and print service, expense, fuel and other key reports by specific date range, year to date or all records.
  • Printable blank expense and trip log forms for manual entry while on the road.

The fact the $39.95 price includes shipping in the US and Canada. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program. That tells you something right there. I haven’t met anyone who does think it’s superior software to all RV’ers. For more information feel free to visit them at RVer’s Notebook for more information. For me it has streamlined my efforts and made life as a full-timer and RV’er more efficient and much easier! Make your RV life simple, organized and fun! I did.


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  2. Dave Saunders

    Is there a GPS system out there that does more than give you shortest and quickest route. I have been burned (yes, brakes burned out) by following a shortest route that took me down a 12% grade for 12.5 miles! Too much for my trailer brakes even when being towed by my dodge 3500 dually. Is there a program or gps unit that will give me topographical cross sections of a route. In other words, information that will warn me of major passes and/or grades on the route. This would be helpful on two points, steep grades like the one I experienced, and that would conserve on FUEL so I’m not climbing too many passes, etc. and getting better fuel mileage even if the route is a little longer. Sometimes fuel consumption and saving brakes is a little more important than shortest or quickest route. If something isn’t already out there how would we petition the manufacturers of these system to include a feature like this that the RV’r could use. Thanks

  3. Chuck

    Tony, my RVer’s Notebook software is gone from my computer – vanished. Do you have a recommendation for a replacement????

  4. Lynn Smith

    Where can I buy rv notebook software?
    Please email [email protected]

    Thank you.

  5. Danny please check your email regarding book.

    Patrick….. There are very few RV software programs out there. I’ve found none that come close to doing what RV Notebooks does. None that I can even compare it with anyway. If someone is aware of such feel free to chime in!


  6. Patrick W. Tribbey

    To bad this wasn’t around in 1988 or so. We purchased our first TT and didn’t have any problems with it. The software would have helped us keep track of our travels, expenses, etc. Is this the only one of this type of software or are there other manufacturers?? Just curious and like to do a comparison. 🙂






  8. Alan,
    All the RV software that I’ve tried/used has been for Windows based PC’s and so far have found none for the MAC’s. I’ll do some checking and see. Too bad as this is the best by far out there hands down.

  9. Alan Fisher

    Would love to try this product, however I own a Mac! Is there another product that is Apple compatible?