“Awesome” Tech Tip

An excerpt for my RV Tech Tip book


I thought I’d drop another tech tip here for those unaware of it. I use “Awesome” a product you can get in most dollar stores and have used it for years. One thing it is really good for is the trim around your windows, seams and other stuff of trailers or motor homes that always seems to yellow out due to the UV rays. It removes that yellow and turns the trim white once again as well as cleans the sealants like the silicone etc. In the years I’ve used it I’ve seen no degeneration of the silicone sealant. I always wash the trim well and immediately apply 303 or Protect All due to their UV protection values. The UV rays are what turn the trim yellow to begin with. The side of my rig that faces the sun is always the worse and the side that doesn’t gets very little yellowing.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort really and the result is worth it. My 5’er looks almost like it did the day it rolled off the dealer’s lot. Here’s a pic of before and after to give you an idea how well the Awesome works. Not the best pic, but it lives up to its name. The lighting was bad, but the part that was yellow was pretty bad and you can see where it was returned to it’s original white condition and look. For only $1 and a little time you can’t go wrong. I usually do this once a year depending on conditions. I apply the UV protection however a few times a year as needed. It also keep the trim from drying out and cracking.

I usually use a cotton rag and spray the Awesome on the rag and apply it generously to the surfaces and let it set a couple minutes then go back with more and do a little rubbing and then wipe it clean with a clean soft cotton cloth. Yellow be gone 😉

Tony (aka Firedude)


Check out Firedude’s eBooks and adventures on CD here!


The best RV management software out! Use the best!

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    Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be
    book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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  340. Rv'er

    The night before out detail guy was coming to detail our rv my husband used AWESOME to clean the roof of the rv. Obviously it ran down the side of the bus. Our graphics are discolored and the white part is dull and chalklike. My husband swares it wasnt the awesome that caused it. What is your opinion? Do you think it stripped all the wax off? Anything anyone knows of that we can do to restore the graphics and white on RV?

  341. Dennis

    We’ve been using Awesome since another RVer showed us. I recently sprayed it on the stained and dirty collar of an old work shirt. After a while, I rinsed the collar in the sink and then threw it in the washer. It came out looking brand new. I also tried it on some old hat brims with the same results.

    After our last trip, the front of my RV was covered with bugs. I washed it off with soap and a brush first, then began squirting AWESOME directly on the bugs. Let them set a moment then wiped them off. It seemed to melt them away.

    Great product.

  342. Drew


    I didn’t have the same luck you did with yellowed trim. I have a friend who’s La Palma has some very yellowed white pieces that I experimented with. The fridge cover and trim around the door handle were unaffected by repeated applications. Although it did well at taking off some black streaks and spots. I’ll keep it around though- there are alot of things you can use it for, according to the bottle.


  343. Michael

    Awesome seems to work with a little scrubbing but I have found something that works even better with little or no scrubbing. It was designed specifically for RV’s. It is non-acidic so it won’t fade or strip paint or finishes and can be used on just about everything from aluminum rims to wood. I use it to clean my shingles and tennis shoes even. It’s call STEAK-X and can be bought online at streak-x.com or through a dealer like Expressway RV (866-289-6982). I think the dealer is cheaper. He sells it in bulk packaging which saves you money. Costs about $50 for a gallon of concentrate (shipped) which is mixed at about 32 to 1. They also make a product to make your RV shine called SEAL N GLOW. It worked great on my RV and cars. They all look practically new now. The streak-x works just like it says. I sprayed it on even my most stubborn streaks and they wiped right off. The seal n glow goes on same way, spray and wipe. The sealant bonds to surface making it like glass. Dirt just washes away now. I highly recommend it. So does trailer magazine I guess cause there is an article you can read about on the website. I am always on the look out for new and better products. This has actually been out for awhile but I just came across it so I thought I’d share.

  344. Ramona

    Awesome is truly awesome. I’ve used it for several years around the house and also RV. It is everything said in the blog, but one does need to be very careful using the product in closed areas. The fumes are potent.

  345. Bob

    Helen Unfortunately Awesome is not available in Canada. We always buy a big bottle before we come back to Canada in the spring and use it for all kinds of cleaning on the RV. As Tony mentioned, make sure it is rinsed off well.

  346. I too, love Awesome! Best bang for your buck literally. Used full strength though, I find that it does take the wax off when I use it for black streak removal. I also find that if you dampen what you are trying to clean with water, then spray on the Awesome and let it sit for a minute or two, it works better. Thanks Tony!

  347. phil willen

    Just google 303 protectant. It’s the best thing for tires, plastic, etc. Doesn’t dry them up like ArmourAll or other products with petroleum.

  348. As Bill states make sure it’s safe for whatever surface you use it on. In some cases you may also want to dilute is some. for what I use it on I use it full strength. I’ve used it 6 years ow for the items described in my blog along with some others mentioned here as well with great results and no problems. As with any product read the label and if in doubt do a small test area.


  349. Bill Daines

    I’ve been using awesome for a couple years, its a great product, when I see the gallon jug on sale I pick up a couple, you just have to experiment with it to see if its safe for some surfaces.

  350. Debbie

    Hi Is this available in Canada??
    It sounds good.

  351. sterling

    ok! I think I can find Awesome,which I need to use very bad due to the yellowing , but what is the complete name of the 303 that you mention, and also what brand of protectall do you use. thanks

  352. Helen,
    Awesome as I state in my blog it is available in most Dollar stores for $1. The picture in my blog of the spray bottle for example is from the Dollar store for $1


  353. John,
    Thanks for the heads up. I have found out the trick to using the Awesome on the rubber trim and such is to immediately follow up as I stated by washing it and applying a good product like 303 or Protectall as stated in the blog. That has been the ticket for me. In my case the UV is what kills the stuff and my using the Awesome and treating it afterwards makes a big difference and have not experienced an onset of drying and rapid yellowing at all. Quite the opposite. It’s just as important as using the Awesome in that you wash the object and treat to do just that keep it from drying out and the sun getting to it again. I’ve tried many remedies and products over the years and Awesome lives up to it’s name for me.

    Lots of other great uses as mentioned by the others above. Thanks gang!


  354. Helen Lee

    Where can I buy the AWESOME product you are talking about?

  355. steve strait

    We have been using this for some time we buy the 1/2 gal for $3.00 and just put it in our own spray bottle. Works great on black streaks just spray on the streaks then wash the TT as we normaly would. truly is awsome!

  356. Rich Drescher

    As Full Timers, my wife & I are always looking for multi-purpose products. When a gentleman who Preped RV’s for Ancira RV in Alvarado, TX showed us Awesome, which he used for cleaning everything from mirrors to removing black steraks we were amazed. It is a truly great product. We have found it to be better than the $10.00 a bottle cleaners at RV dealers and Camping World.

  357. John Shelton

    Just make sure that your Awesome favorite doesn’t contain silicone. Silicone used in these applications actually promotes drying and cracking of tires and dashboards, etc. Looks good for a while, but it actually shortens the life of the glowing item.