Do It YOURSELF: Installing Day/Night Shades

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June 24, 2011

Replacing noisy window blinds or worn curtains with easy-operating Day/Night Shades is a simple way to improve the look of your RV interior and to control light and privacy.


The key is to measure correctly when ordering your Shades. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make it easy. All you’ll need is a measuring tape.

Step 1: Determine if the Shade will mount on the wall outside the window frame (outside mount) or inside the window frame (inside mount). Most RV windows will be outside mount installations.

Step 2: For outside mount installations, measure the width (across) of the area to be covered, typically from the end of the window frame to the opposite end of the window frame plus 2″ for additional coverage. For inside mount installation, measure the exact opening size; the factory will make any necessary adjustments from your exact measurements to allow for inside clearance and easy operation.

Step 3: Measure the length of the area to be covered (drop). Typically this is from the top of the window frame to the bottom of the window frame with an additional 2″ for mounting above and below the window.


Once your new Day/Night Shades arrive, installing them is a job that a handy RV owner can do, using basic tools. For this project, you’ll need a measuring tape, pencil, handheld electric drill and a Phillips screwdriver. Before drilling to mount brackets, always check the wall thickness. You don’t want to drill all the way through wall and exterior sidewall by mistake!

Step 1: Install the mounting brackets above the top of the window frame using the drill and screwdriver. Mount the brackets about 3″ in from the corner of the window frame. On shades 40″ wide or wider, use three mounting brackets, with one in the center. Use the measuring tape and pencil to find and mark the center point between the two end mounting brackets.

Step 2: Install the head rail into the mounting brackets by tilting the front of the head rail upward. Slide the hook of the mounting bracket into the groove of the head rail. Push the back of the head rail upward until it snaps into place.

Step 3: Release the cord locks to lower the shade. Day/Night Shades have two cord locks; Day Only or Night Only Shades have one cord lock.

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  1. next question – how do you keep the ends on those duette-type blinds – mine keep coming off and the day shade portions are ripped on several of my windows because they were not installed with an even tension that should be common all the windows that have them. Second question – where did the Nusas’ find roller shades? I hate to think of me making them when I can buy them – and I’ll bet they can be cleaned on the back side.

  2. M & L-A Nunas

    Frankly, we MUCH prefer our new roller MCD blinds to the day/night pleated shades they replaced.
    We can see out the days shades, yet they block the incoming heat from the sun.
    The night shades are totally opaque.
    They install easily everywhere, except on the windscreen, which requires considerable skill.
    They clean up easily (we never did figure out how to clean the pleated ones).
    They adjust easily both for drop distance and tension.

    Re the pleated shades, we found the best way to adjust them was to unroll the cords on both sides (the shades will drop and flop). Then roll an equal number of turns on each side just until the strings have no slack. Then level the shades. Finally, slack the Philips screw on each side and add a quarter turn of tension until the shades just stay in place. The result is that they will move easily and the strings will wear less than if you tension them really tight.

  3. sandy marshall

    I have two day/nite shades that slowly drop down,,,will not stay up totally or as day shades,,,how are they adjusted…

  4. sandy marshall

    I have 2 day/nite shades that do not stay up,,slowly slide down,,,how do you adjust them to stay up…

  5. Gary

    The 1/2 solution. Installing them is easier than restringing them. Restringing them seems to be easier than tensioning them. With the 4 strings, how does one know what the right tension is? IDEA, use a fish scale to measure the force to deflect the string a specified amount, the lighter deflection needs more tension.

  6. Big D

    I’d like to know the best way to clean Day/Nite shades.

  7. Charles Massey

    I also would like to know how to make adjustments on these shades. I have one that is too loose.

  8. mobkin

    Would like to know how to adjust the day night shade their too tight and have a hard time moving them up and down