Little more than a week away, The Rally is fast approaching. I’m heading towards Louisville next Monday to set the SRMR in position for one of the biggest shows in my RV’ing year.

The Self Reliant Mobile Residence is my “Just In Case Place.” When “IT” hits, tornado or terrorist attack, man-made or those disasters wrought by Mother Nature the rig is ready to go and stay gone. I designed the SRMR to be fully functional while “Off The Grid” be it boondocking or bugging out, sojourning or surviving. In addition, the Self-Reliant Mobile Residence is a full radio/tv production studio.

I have chosen one of my favorite events, The Rally, to launch the Brian Brawdy Show. RVers are the quintessential “off the grid gang” and epitomize the nomadic, self-reliant mindset that will be the focus of my show. With thought provoking attitude about the news of the day, special guests interviews and discussions, the show will focus on surviving and thriving in a century where political, economic, environmental and meteorological challenges face us all.

We will be streaming live from the main entrance of the Expo Center daily so stop by and give me your feedback. Please join me at The Rally or in the meantime

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  2. Waknilg in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  3. We look forward to seeing you and the SRMR again! I especially want a tour of the radio/tv production studio! We so enjoyed your video interview at The Rally last year – we posted it again today!
    See ya soon
    Chris and Jim Guld

  4. Brian Brawdy

    Thanks Bob,
    As you know, I am certain that the RV’ers of today are the last great nomads, vestiges of all great explorers and survival experts.
    I can’t think of a better place to launch the show.

  5. I’ll be looking forward to your broadcasts.