Boondocking 101: How do you camp without hookups?

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July 16, 2011

By Bob Difley

boondocking_coloradoIn last week’s post I suggested some reasons why you might want to try boondocking. This week we look at how to survive–and enjoy–camping without the appendages we call hookups–what seems to be the biggest concern for new boondockers.

The length of time you can boondock is mostly developing habits of conservation. When you run out of water, you run out of boondocking days. Conserve your fresh water supply by taking Navy showers—rinsing down, turning off water, soaping up, rinsing off. Wash your hands the same way. And while you are warming up the water, run it into a plastic tub or bucket and use it to flush the toilet or rinse dishes. Rinse dishes in the tub of water, rather than under a running faucet. When washing dishes, use a small bowl of soapy water to wash with. Carry extra Jerry jugs or gallon containers of water to dump in your tank in case your pump starts sucking air.

Wipe food off your dishes before washing–it will keep you dishwashing water cleaner and take less to do the job–then dump your wash and rinse water (but only if you use biodegradable soap) on a thirsty plant several yards outside your campsite. You can also dig a hole and pour the waste water in, then fill in the hole. Filling your gray water tank is one of the more limiting factors in how long you can boondock, so prevent as much waste water from entering the tank as you can. With a little practice you will be surprised at how little water it takes to do the job.

There is a raging debate over dumping gray water outside rather than into your holding tank. You are unlikely to get a ticket from the law even if they catch you red-handed, but some may consider it to be illegal in the strictest sense of the law or not earth-friendly. Do what you feel to be the right thing, and do not abuse the gray water dumping concept by dumping in inappropriate places like in the campsite, in a campground, or onto the road. This is a subject worthy of another blog post.

Usually the black water holding tank (from the toilet) will not be a limiting factor–as long as you don’t run great amounts of water to flush it. Use a toilet brush and you will save water. And you already know this, but NEVER dump your black water tank into anything other than a legal sewer or dump station.

You will also want to conserve electricity so that your house batteries last as long as possible. Turn off lights, TV, radio, porch light, computers and any other electrical appliance or tool when it is not being used. Wake up with the sun and go to bed when it does so you don’t have to burn lights well into the dark of night. Use battery operated book lights for reading—and you won’t keep your mate awake by reading by the RV lights.

If you need to use a 120-volt appliance like the microwave, blender, or coffee grinder, or your 12-volt battery-draining water pump, try to schedule using these appliances in the same block of time while running the generator, which will power them directly without pulling amps out of your batteries–and will also put a few amps back in at the same time.

Lastly, monitor your systems so you can pull up stakes and move on BEFORE your water pump sucks air, your gray water tank backs up into your bathtub, and you start using flashlights because your lights are so dim.  But, after you get used to conserving, you will find that it isn’t so hard, and it wasn’t so hard breaking old wasteful habits–and that’s a good thing.

Check out my website for more RVing tips.

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  341. Adam

    We are a family of 3 (the third being a three year old) and love to boondock/dry camp – We even spend five days in Fontana for the NASCAR races – arriving Thursday around noon and leaving Monday afternoon. Rarely even there to we fill our tanks (they have showers and toilets available too).
    When camping too we fill a 5 gal blue water container, 2 – 1gal jugs (to refill from the 5 gal jug) for drinks, cooking, coffee, etc, so this water usually ends up somewhere else whikle on a hike, etc.
    I have recently purchased from a used container store a 5 gal jug that I fit with a PVC connector (1″) to mount up to our hydro flush kit to drain the grey tank if we need to (gravity only) to take to a toilet or dump if nearby, or store for later.
    We also do the dump dishwater in toilet, shower every other day, etc. All good tips.
    Just also saw a Honeywell generator for sale on Costco (2KW) for $449 ($499?), but not CA legal (ship somewhere else first). Good reviews and will keep from running our 7KW generator to just charge batteries.
    Did LED’s a year ago and golf cart batteries too – Love it!
    Phew! It was a lot of work, but I think in the two years we’ve had the RV, 20+ trips later, we’ve only stayed in full service parks maybe 3 times. We do stay at parks though sometimes, but choose the dry areas rather than hookups as it is more secluded, larger and most often more scenic than the hookup areas.
    This has to be the best way to travel with our young son and he just loves it!

  342. I retired after 38.94 years with my company. I plan on catching up on boating, fishing, and RV-in’ as much as I can. I was always pretty much of a caveman when I camped out with my kids and wife. Not because of anything except that we could never afford any luxuries. I have been known to make wick lamps out of coke cans, fuel and a wick when we forgot the lamps. My kids still talk about how impressed they were that we didn’t have to go home that night. We slept in tents and in the back of the pick up shell, and we cooked sometimes over an open fire. My parents were field worker and I can remember heating our food in the fields or orchards over a small fire.
    Now that the kids are gone and mom and I are by ourselves we plan on doing some quality camping. Somehow she has forgotten how we used to camp out, or maybe she wants a bit more quality camping with a motor home, hot showers, TV, and dish, and not having to sleep on the ground, but we plan on spending some time out in the woods. With our kids, gran kids, great grand kids, and by ourselves for the next few years.
    This newsletter will get me up to speed on all the new gadgets that are out there today, plus all the pop up tent type camping we are setting ourselves up to do. Thanks for the help and god Bless

  343. Tlee

    Ron, we have found a couple of ways to refresh water and dump tanks when boondocking. Several times we have asked at Forest Service or National Park Service campgrounds in the area having dump stations if we could use them and were given the OK even though we were not camping there. Likewise, if you want to camp in a National or State campground overnight even though most have no hookups, you can fill with fresh water usually with your hose at the fresh water pump and many have a dump station. Ask at the checkin booth for the hose adapter to make the pump fitting match your hose if it doesnt. No kidding. They may charge you a deposit for that.
    Triple J’s quite often not only allow parking overnight, but some have dump stations and fresh water, along with selling propane. They may be metered in some areas. Where we have used them they were not, except of course, the propane. Some RV parks will let you dump and fill for a fee that is not the full rate for overnight. Some state rest areas, as I believe was mentioned here before, have dump stations. Many in Iowa do.
    Many towns in the west and southwest have municipal metered water fill stations as quite a few outlying homeowners must buy and transport water to their water tanks. The water amount for an RV is not expensive. Ask around. ]
    As for dumping gray water…be careful in the desert. Having asked recently about boondocking areas, we were told that now designated areas only are usable and the information about what areas those were was not forthcoming, except the usual “only if someone has camped there before and it is near a road but not on a highway” ambiguity kind of answer and NO dumping of either kind of water at all because of lack of rainwater to dilute even biodegradable soaps, let alone body lotions, oils, toothpastes, nonnative food waste residues(pineapple juice?) that will impact desert plants negatively. One would think at first that any biodegradeable moisture would be a good thing for desert plants, but I guess not. I asked for further clarification about specific places in the immediate area that would be a good place to look out for a site, and got no answer. Not that it is a secret, but they dont want to be responsible if there is a flash flood, etc.? I think there may be more designated and fee areas, (how is that boondocking and not just dry camping) in some of the desert districts in the near future. We are seeing more posted no camping areas at likely pulloffs, too.

  344. Tom Smith

    Ron… I often just go to an RV Park to dump and fill the fresh water tank. Many RV parks only charge $5-$10 to dump without having to pay the full fee. I fill the fresh water tank at that time. Also Service stations have potable water sources too. I’ve actually pulled into a local church where I saw a garden hose. I made a small donation (tax deductable) to the church for the use of their water.

    Donnie, If you’re writing from an eastern state, there aren’t that many BLM public lands to choose from. Out west we have an unlimited amount of public land to camp on (after checking with the local BLM office). I Live in Nevada and 89% of the state is federal land. Try the US Forest Service, the US Corp of Engineers as well as the individual state parks depts. where you plan to travel

  345. Bob and Julie

    Ron, you hit the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. When you run out of everything, go to an RV park for the night. Correctly flush out the black, empty the grey and fill up on fresh water.

    Also take advantage of the facilities: long long shower, meeting folks, swimming in the pool etc. During this time you need to shop for groceries, fill the propane buy gasoline for the generator, pick up a local newspaper.

    We personally reduce water usage by drinking and cooking only with RO water. We also alternate navy showers every other day with “Qwik Shower” gym class wipes. There are other brands available but they really work great. And one does feel clean and refreshed.

    We love to boondock but we also love RV parks. We love RVing.

  346. Ron

    Here’s a question I’ve got. Where can you get fresh water to fill your tank when boondocking? You leave home with the good tanks full and the bad tanks empty. You go out for 3-4 days, fill the 2 bad tanks, empty the good tank, leave to go find a dumpstation, get some gas, propane, restock supplies…. but where can you hook up to fill the water tank up at? This has always been the limter for me. I’ve dealt with it by spending the night in a park or campground with hookups, but are there other or better places where I can just hook up my hose, fill the tank and go?

  347. Ron

    Donnie, any and all BLM land works. Just find a spot you like and Bob’s your uncle. There are various guides on Amazon or brick and mortar stores with maps and listings of BLM and other boondockable parklands. You can also Google BLM boondocking and see what comes up.

  348. Donnie

    My wife and I plan to leave home in a few weeks and be gone untl Christmass and then leave again after the first of the year to be gone until….. We do not have a Intenary for either trip. I keep reading about all the places to boondock and all the BLM Land, however, I have been unable to figure out exactly where these places are. Since we are on a very fixed income and must camp on a very limited budget we would love to do most of this by boondocking. Can some of you please provide me with the location of the best places to boondock other than Wal-Mark, Flying J and Rest Areas?

  349. We’ve boondocked in some odd places…. in a giant peanut field for a 4-day music festival, and in the parking lots of civic centers all across the southeast. It’s not as hard as we think. One tip that really saves me from filling the gray tank is to use plastic basins in the kitchen sinks. The water caught there goes into the black tank, down the toilet. With just two of us, our gray tank would fill twice as fast as the black tank, which would require us adding additional water to it in order to flush it. So, dishwashing water, handwashing water, it all goes into the black tank. Easy peasy, and never a problem.

    The longest that we are comfortable boondocking is 4 days…. after that, we’re looking for fresh water and a dump station.

  350. Tom gourley

    We exclusively boondock only. Tried an rv park once and it was not what we envision RVing to be. We wanted the serenity to being out in the woods and that is what we do. We invested in solar panels and larger batteries. We have stayed as long as 10days in one spot boondocking and will spend time in our RV no other way.

  351. Tom Smith

    I just changed out all of my lamps to LED’s. Doing some power usage calculations. One double fixture with 2-10 LED lamps installed uses 14% of the power that 2 of the old #921 Incandescent lamps used.

    The a single fixture with the old lamps would drain the batteries is 26 hours. With LED’s the batteries last 192 hours. However: I always take my Honda EU 3000 generator with me to gives us the power needed to recharge batteries and run the Microwave as needed. We do not run it continuously.

    Navy Showers. While my wife balked at first, I finally got her convinced that she could still get clean taking a “Navy Shower”.

    I wipe all cookware and dinner plates and utensil’s before she uses the Dawn foaming soap on a sponge to clean them. Followed by hot water rinse. Going back to my old Boy Scout days, I use sand to absorb the grease in a frying pans before we wash them too.

    We accept this little bit of inconvenience because we can camp in areas that are isolated from the masses. Not all of the masses are undesirable mind you, BUT…….