Mary Meadows says she can increase mileage and reduce emissions. She’s the founder of an Arizona company that makes a system that converts cars, pickups, trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats to hydrogen hybrids, reported The Arizona Republic.

(Credit: h2purepower)

Mary Meadows is an environmental medicine physician who had a clinic in Texas. In Corpus Christi, Texas, she tested toxicity levels in workers at industrial businesses and farms and treated them for related ailments.

When she retired, she looked for something to invest in that helped the Earth.

“I have been very concerned about pollution issues, and this hydrogen system takes vehicles to near-zero emissions.

The technology has been around, but it’s getting more attention now because fuel costs are high, and the federal government is encouraging alternative and sustainable energy.

She has been doing research and development of the hydrogen system for three years, but only in the past year and a half has she been happy with her current system.

“We’re always making changes and modifications,” she said. “We’re taking on more engineers who can design a new system even though we have a good one.”

The Canadian government, which has a great interest in hydrogen, is paying Meadows’ way to the conference “Hydrogen+Fuel Cells 2011” this month in Vancouver; it is one of the leading international conventions of the hydrogen and fuel-cell industry.

“The future is hydrogen, and the future is now,” Meadows said.


H2 Pure Power, Inc.

What it does: Makes systems to convert vehicles to hydrogen hybrids

Founder: Dr. Mary Meadows

Address: P.O. Box 7250, Tempe, AZ 85281-0009

Phone: (866) 731-7779

Web site:

Company Background

Modular On-Demand Hydrogen Generator (MOD-HG) Systems are comprised of a generator and a bubbler reservoir. (Credit: h2purepower)

The company, H2 Pure Power, LLC was formed in March, 2009 to market hydrogen on demand generator product that emerged after significant research and testing with hydrogen generators kits. The company was formed to bring the technology to a commercial level for a global market. Dr. Mary Meadows was an initial investor in H2 Pure Power, and subsequently acquired full ownership of the company. Dr Meadows managed the research and development of significant technology milestones:

Plate process using proprietary nano-coating creating a surface area that increases the chemical reaction to produce higher quantities of hydrogen than comparable HHO generator system designs

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) module using “Hero Chip” to control engine using On-Demand Hydrogen Generator System

Unique injection molded canisters designed for mass production, ease of installation and harsh operating environments

These innovations are the “secret sauce” of the H2 Pure Power On-Demand Hydrogen Generator Systems.

Modular On-Demand Hydrogen Generator Systems

Modular On-Demand Hydrogen Generator (MOD-HG) Systems are comprised of a generator and a bubbler reservoir. The system is flexible enough to enable one or more generators to be combined with one or more bubblers. The generator contains a series of nano-coated plates with alternating configuration of positive and negative plates. The generator is wired with the positive taken from the battery of the vehicle for the electricity needed to produce electrolysis.

The "Hero Chip" overrides the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) System and allows the hydrogen to mix with the fossil fuel without triggering the vehicle's computer control algorithms for altering the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). (Credit: h2purepower)

The electrolysis is composed of distilled water and a minute amount of potassium hydroxide that conducts with the proprietary plates producing hydrogen. The hydrogen is in a foamy state as it comes out of the generators and goes into the Bubbler to define the hydrogen/oxygen into refined bubbles of gas which is fed out through fuel line tubing into the air intake system of the vehicle.

The system utilizes a very powerful flash-back arrestor for safety. It is engineered with sonic boom technology which senses a flash coming before it arrives and stops it without fail.

Worth Pondering…
What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

—Sir John Lubbock

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  1. Bill

    Dear Woddalls staff,

    Luci Scott the reported for the local paper here got taken in by this scam and has helped perpetuate this story. ( ) She will not retract it even though local people have conclusively proven to her she was wrong and got taken in.

    HHO and all the other names it goes by does not work, PERIOD.

  2. Bill

    This is a hoax, it basically violates the conservation of energy rules.

    Als if it really worked don’t you think EVERY NEW CAR would have one to help the manufacturer get past the CAFE standards?

  3. Hi Concerned~

    I don’t think it is fair to say that this sort of technology is a scam. BMW and NASA have both experimented with Hydrogen boosting with varied results.
    But you do have a good point, and you provide another viewpoint. We would love it if you were to submit a guest post about what technologies we CAN use to decrease our dependence on oil. Follow the guidelines near the header to submit your own post.

  4. Concerned

    You didn’t check this story close enough. HHO, hydrogen boosting, and whatever other name people try to sell this as, all add up to the same bottom line, it’s a scam.

    Check out Popular Mechanics, and NBC Dateline story on Dennis Lee. It’s the same scam they busted. You can also do searches with Consumer Reports, EPA, wikipedia, search Browns gas, and fringe science. Even the Mythbusters looked into this years ago, you can go to their forums and read thread after thread where this pseudo science is debunked.

    Protect your readers, and correct this mistake of spreading this false hope! It takes six times as much energy to break apart water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses through electrolysis as you get back out by burning it.

  5. Hi Jon~

    Wanted to let you know that we do check our posts before they are published. You can view the AZ Central Article on Dr. Meadows at While the answer may not by Hydrogen, it may help RVers (and all) travelers save money and fuel.

  6. Hoby

    Thanks for sharing what was reported in the paper and the information from the company. It is always good to hear what is happening out there. I would think that the RV community would be leading the way even more than they are with respect to reducing our footprint and I’m always watching what is coming. Of course, I’m not an “early adopter” and will most likely wait for a larger test audience before I give the system a try.

  7. Jon

    Saw this same type of post the other day..didn’t believe any of it then and don’t believe any of it today. The other day they said it would increase the mileage by 33% and a dramatic increase in horse power. The unit cost $2500 plus installation ..if it is too good to be true it usually is..I thought somebody look at these articles before they were posted.