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Mark My Words, January: Keep the Power Flowing

This month we’ll talk about converters, battery charging, blown fuses, and tank cleaning. Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected] Mark, I’ve heard a number of comments made about changing out the dumb OEM converter for a smart one. We still have the original converter in our 1996 Itasca Sunrise. There are no problems

The American Deserts: Gems of the West

The American Deserts: Gems of the West By Bob Difley As if frozen in time, the coyote stood motionless, muscles taut, eyes focused straight ahead. I followed his gaze, but could not see what had captured his attention. Suddenly he shot forward. Two wide-eyed jack rabbits exploded out of the brush, scattering in different directions.

Boondocking: A friendly visit with Mother Nature

By Bob Difley Last week’s post, More places you may not have thought to camp or boondock http://blog.rv.net/2013/07/more-places-you-may-not-have-thought-to-camp-or-boondock/ we looked at additional boondocking opportunities on public lands. There are, of course, other positive aspects of boondocking other than the ones previously discussed, like free or cheap camping, avoidance of crowded, noisy campgrounds, and the scenic