Hello intrepid travelers,

Calling all wordsmiths, writers, witty individuals or families…can you condense your RV and camping experiences and expectations into six words? I double dog dare ya to share Six Words About Your RV Life!!

Have you heard of the six word memoirs project from SMITH Magazine? In 2006 the fine minds behind SMITH Magazine offered aspiring writers, poets, those with something to say, and plain ole witty folk an opportunity to tell their story in six words. It’s said that Hemingway did just that when challenged to write a six word story. He came up with this: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” 

Thousands of others from the famous to the neighbor-next-door have submitted their six word story in several SMITH Magazine projects including a series on Love & Heartbreak.

And this got me thinking about my own six word memoirs…stories about my life on the road, as an RVer. My motto and the RV Cooking Show’s tag line is a mere six words – “Love to travel. Love to eat.” I quickly realized we all have a story to tell, a short ditty to share – especially when it comes to our RV and camping travels.

So, with much anticipation and excitement I am delighted to introduce a special six word series – Six Words About Your RV Life. Think about your adventures and see if you can craft a six word memoir about your RV vacation, lifestyle, camping experiences. Leave your six words on my RVCookingShow blog or right here on this RV.net blog posting – Six Words About Your RV Life. Sign in or don’t. Leave your name or not. Contribute as many single six word comments as you’d like and check back often to see what others have contributed.

I’ll start the project out with a couple of mine:

Get the map…we’re going camping

And from my songwriter friend George Gesner:

Beautiful campground whispers to me…stay

31 feet is all I need

Movies are great…trailers are better

Give it a go. I think you’ll find it addictive and a blast! As the SMITH folks say…Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

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  1. Lou Carrillo

    There’s a nice spot, Let’s stay

  2. Artur Pellerin

    I came, I saw, I left

  3. Ray Palandri

    “Take me home country roads”

  4. Timber Tom

    Let’s stay another day, OK Hon?

  5. Rolf Salhus

    RVing is like “being on vacation!”

  6. Attended my first rally. Still learning.

  7. Harold DeVries

    Why wait,let’s do it now.

  8. Harold DeVries

    The world is waiting for us.

  9. Sally Wilson

    so many places, so little time

  10. Fulltime RVing is a grand adventure.

  11. Darthvagrant

    I wish I had a Prevost !

  12. A. W. Walker

    We’ll go everywhere; not there yet!

  13. A. W. Walker

    We’re going everywhere; not there yet!

  14. A. W. Walker

    Oops; the captcha code got me.

  15. Phil Webb

    see america, be outdoors, meet people

  16. Darthvagrant

    I’m lost. Where am I now?

  17. Rick

    Golf, Sex and Rock and Roll

  18. Jerry Shea

    Why are we keeping the house?

  19. Tom Ellison

    Tiny house, enormous yard. Friends. Adventure.

  20. db

    And then, the open road, closed.

  21. Dan Rambow

    Time for a road trip!

  22. Din Milem

    Free to wander and loving it!

  23. Paul

    Drive far, eat well, sleep tight

  24. Gary

    Hurry up Pa, let’s git going…

  25. Carol

    When I’m traveling, I’m at home.

  26. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    On Vacation Everday Of Our Lives!!!

    Mommy And Daddy, RV There Yet?

    Feels Like Another Day In Paradise!!!

  27. Mike

    New road, new place, new adventure!

  28. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    Another Beautiful Day On Da Road

  29. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    6 words? I Can’t Do That!

  30. Theresa, Rick Loder

    comfortable stay right on the beach

    freedom to choose new places friends

    cookoffs and activites anywhere you go

    meet people from the world over

    inspired to write and record CD

    learned to blow the conch shell

    member Siesta Key one note band

    do absolutely nothing or do everything

    recouperated from stroke in motor home

    meet nicest people everywhere you go

    leaving a small green foot print

    hundreds of stories from new friends

  31. Theresa, Rick Loder

    less stuff more time full time

  32. Ron

    Yes Dear, No Dear, OK Dear.

  33. Johnny G...AKA The NYC Castaway

    Bought the Carriage, Where’s my Horse

  34. kellie

    lived responsibly, kids grown, now playtime.

  35. started as workcampers, now manage campground

  36. Ray

    Always road work at drive’s end…

  37. A couple more from me…

    Scratch hitch itch…roll the RV

    RVing sparks my imagination, ignites possibilities

    I can’t stop thinking of these (not six words about my RV life but, well, six words!) Add what you will…


  38. Ray

    Tire covers on means we’re staying

  39. Art Walker

    Hook up. Dump tanks. Off again.

  40. Cj Walker

    Honey, when did we leave where?



  42. Shirae

    Life’s a Trip, travel by RV

  43. Life gets complicated. Escape in RV.

  44. John

    Bought an RV, lost my wife.

  45. RV LAD


  46. Doug from BC

    Where did I sleep last night?

  47. JAG

    White knuckle towing new travel trailer!

  48. This is just too good!! Every one of these 6 word comments on the RV life is terrific! Here’s another one from me…

    Camped in driveway; had a ball

  49. Was there; am here; headin’ yonder!

  50. Second time out; Still learning stuff.

  51. Jim Casper

    On the road again! Thank God!
    Jacks up. Slides in. We’re off.
    Destination unknown, but on our way.
    Good rig. Good wife. Gone camping.
    Turn left. Turn right. Who cares?
    Until we meet again. Safe journeys.
    New places, new friends, life’s good.

  52. Spoke

    Cup not microwaveable; smoke, evacuation, laughter.

  53. Les & Claire

    Spending all of the kids inheritance

  54. C&J

    Stay in home wife no more!

    Happy Days, RV here again, yippee

    Trailer, spouse, dogs, check – let’s go