Dear Action Line,

I am a Life member of the Good Sam Club. I own a 2005 Coachmen Santara motorhome with a W22 Workhorse chassis, serial number 5B4MP67G843390892. In May 2010 I experienced a seizure of the front-left brake caliper. This was a terrifying experience, as my wife and I were traveling 60 mph along I-95. We were very lucky to have been able to pull off the road. We waited for an hour and a half until the left-front wheel became cool to the touch. I then managed to get back home to Dover, Delaware.

I called Workhorse and was directed to take the unit to an authorized Workhorse Chassis Service RV Center, Parkview RV Center in Smyrna, Delaware, for an interim repair.

After reviewing the event with the service manager Craig, I directed Parkview to replace all four wheels, which included the parts listed on the service order. My wife and I had planned cross-country vacation trips and could not take the chance of another brake seizure.

Parkview RV performed the repairs in September 2010 using new old-style calipers, since the new recall calipers had not been made available to service centers at that time.

I submitted the repair bill to Workhorse for review and asked for reimbursement of the cost for the repair of all four wheels. On February 22, 2011, I received from Workhorse a denial of any reimbursement for repairs.

That same month, Parkview RV Center replaced all four calipers with the new redesigned calipers as part of the safety recall.

I feel Workhorse should reimburse the entire repair bill, as submitted in September 2010. I have talked again with Parkview and also with Stoltzfus RV Center in Pennsylvania, and they both stated that numerous customers had been reimbursed for the work I had completed.

Any assistance from Action Line would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Gates, Dover, Delaware


Dear Action Line,

Just received a check from Navistar (Workhorse) in the amount of $626.34 for reimbursement of the failed front-left brake caliper. Thank you for your assistance.

Bob Gates, Dover, Delaware



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  1. D RED

    I too have a workhorse 2005 and had my calibers replaced as soon as the notices were sent out for the recall. My vehicle was repaired 10/2010 just before my long trip. However I was notified on several occasions that workhorse was working on the repair. Then I was told they had a solution but had to wait for the replacement parts to be produced. This was all over a period of at least 1-2 yrs. I wonder if the repair shop was not in touch with workhorse to know that the repairs were only one month away. You would not have had to go through all that aggravation. It just seem so close to the actual recall repairs.
    Glad you got something back.

  2. Phillip Aigner

    I had pretty much the same experience with the Workhorse brakes on our 2004 Winnebago Adventurer back in September of 2008. I paid for the interim repairs to the brakes while waiing on the Workhorse recall. Subsequently, I went through a lengthly attempt with Workhorse to get remimbursed $307.02, but,in the end, they denied my request.

    What did Action Line do that caused Workhorse to remimburse Mr. Gates?

  3. Robert Windsor

    I have a 2005 Winnebago Minnie On a Ford E 450 Chassis Its been doing the same thing. Calipers sticking . Cooling and a short bacward stop gets me going for the rest of the trip but like you , I know its not safe. Sad thing is she only has 14 K miles on her and “I have had these same issues and more on a Ford van back in 99 . Same miles. I am not a ford fan and this isnt winning me over.