In the News: Women On the Road of RVing

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February 22, 2012

As we all know, nothing is more enthralling that spending your days cruising the open roads to the next must-anticipated destination. And it’s always exciting to see others who are enjoying this liberating lifestyle as well, especially when it’s noted on the big screen.

CBS’ This Morning recently featured a report on women RVing on their own, without husbands or male partners. The story, by reporter Lee Cowan, noted that a number of these solo female RVers have simply continued on in the lifestyle they enjoyed with their husbands and families, bonding along the way with other RVing women.

Author and solo RVer Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, said that many of the women are taking advantage of freedom they did not enjoy while they were married and raising children.

The story, which aired February 7, centered on women RVing alone at a popular Arizona desert boondocking area and a winter Texan park

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