Today I wanted to talk about saving a little money. When it comes to your RV, one way to save a little money is to look for some discounts on your RV insurance premium. Having the proper type of insurance coverage on your RV is extremely important but it can be a little pricey too, especially when you are not always using your RV.  In this day and age finding ways to lower any of our bills is just the smart thing to do. Let’s take a closer look at some simple ways to trim a little off of your RV insurance premium. 

  • Many RV insurance companies provide discounts to customers who are members of some type of RV association or club. Discounts vary by insurance company. Call your RV insurance company agent and ask for a listing of associations or clubs you can join to receive a discount. 

Note: Association discounts are often given for participants in RV manufacturing associations and clubs too.

  • Driver safety courses often qualify an RV owner for discounts with some RV insurance companies. Your insurance agent can inform you of what programs qualify for discounts.

 Note: Qualified driver safety courses are often offered at large RV rallies such as at FMCA rallies.

  • A clean driving record will reduce your insurance premium. It usually takes 3 years (36 months) for accidents and moving violations/citations to stop impacting your insurance rates.
  • Another way to reduce your insurance premium is to buy multiple policies from the same insurance company. This is called a multi-policy discount. As an example, companies like National Interstate Insurance Company offer discounts when an individual buys an RV policy and a companion auto policy.
  • Homeowner’s discounts are a common way to lower your insurance premium. Ask your insurance agent for more information.
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts if you pay your premium in full up front.
  • Adding a security device to your RV such as an audible alarm will often qualify for a discount.

As an added note your credit score can heavily impact your insurance rates, so improving your credit score may improve the premium you pay. Credit usage is not allowed in all states, so it varies from state-to-state and carrier-by-carrier. Ask your insurance provider for more information about using credit scores.

Keep in mind that most insurance companies will not stack discounts. As an example, even if you are a member of multiple qualified associations and you have taken a qualified driver safety course, the insurance company will most likely give you one 5% discount.

I would like to thank National Interstate Insurance Company for its contributions to this article.

Happy Camping,

Mark Polk

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  8. Mel

    We just renewed our policy a week ago. I did not like the price so I went to our progressive agent and asked how I could reduce my insurance rate. I told him I was shopping for new insurance with other companies. I mentioned the fact that most insurance companies use a credit check to help determine rates. My agent told me that they do the same but did not run a credit check on me when I took out the policy. I told the agent that $941 a year was to much as I only used the Motor home less than 100 days a year. They ran the credit check and upped the comprehensive to $250 and the collision to $500 Since my wife does not drive the motor home I took her off of the policy so she is not a named driver. I then checked what the value of my motor home is retail and changed the named value to a lower figure. Motor homes have come way down in price and replacement cost for a used motor home is a lot less now than a few years ago. They cancelled my old policy and issued a new one for $554 a year.

  9. Hi Gals & Guys:
    We use as high a deductible as possible.
    Also the State and County of residence is critical.
    Brevard County in Florida, we cover a 2000 Rexhall 29 ft, and 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited. at $100 a month with full-timers coverages.

    Happy Camping,
    Fred b.

  10. Geoffrey Pruett

    While removing the road hazard portion of coverage sounds like a good idea the actual saving are very tiny in relation to the policy. A poor decision maker when changing coverage. Spent much more time deciding on towing coverage than road coverage as our unit is not new. This is one area where Good Sam does shine for features, which so far remain unused for our unit. From the premiums paid for towing this has to be a seldom used thing. Had AAA road hazard for many years until the rates for RV’s went way up and distance went way down. Since Murphy’s Law applies to road failures the distance to nearest service multiplies the odds.

  11. Removing road risk used to be popular in the UK. You can buy “laid up cover” based entirely on the value of the RV. The problem is the fees involved in removing road risk and then add it back removes much of the saving that would otherwise be made.

  12. Tripletap

    We have an Itasca 31C Spirit and use it just during warm weather. In Montana, it gets and stays pretty cold from November thru April, so we store it in a friends shed. He won’t take any money but has me fix his PCs when needed so we help each other out. By placing it in storage and taking the travel portion out of the insurance picture, we do save about 200 bucks on our policy.

  13. Dick

    Let me tell you how I saved on my RV ins. We just took delivery on our new Rockwood fiver in April. After being furnished the VIN # I contacted my local agent for a quote. I was quoted $465 for a year by Progressive Ins. I had also contacted Good Sam. Good Sam has partnered with GMAC. They quoted $310 for the same coverage. I contacted my agent and advised her I was going with Good Sam. She had no qualms advising she would do the same if she was in my shoes. Within a few minutes she called back and said she had contacted Progressive to cancel my old policy (on my old RV) and advised I was dropping my policy due to the cost. The Progressive rep surprised my agent by matching the Good Sam quote.
    Now about the #1 insurance claim. My brother’s RV fridge failed on gas but worked great on electric. The gas would fire up but run for only a couple of seconds. He removed the outside cover to observe the ignition while his wife switched to gas. The gas flamed up outside of the combustion area (pipe,tubing) and then cut off. After close inspection he found that the ventilation holes allowing oxygen (I suppose) in with the gas was closed up. The holes had been skillfully closed over by a spider or insect (he supposes).

  14. When I come back from a trip, I take the road insurance off it, and just keep the Comprehensive coverage. That still covers it for hail, theft, vandalism, falling trees, aircraft, etc. Then I put it back on for the next trip, so it saves a lot of money.

    If you get ‘Medical Payments’ instead of PIP you get more for your money.

    If your vehicle is paid for, and you are confident that YOU won’t run it into something, you can skip the expensive ‘Collision’ part of your policy.

  15. Gary Worrell

    You missed one. I saved $1200 a year and have better coverage by going to several of the brokers that were at the FMCA rally in Albuquerque. The brokers were able to shop around on my behalf. Bring a print out of your existing coverage recap and go shopping.