VIDEO: When Things Go WRONG, The Adventure Begins!

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April 1, 2009

I was recently chatting with a “Long Long Honeymoon” viewer on Facebook about our RV travels. She told me her own travel motto: “When things go wrong, the adventure begins.” I like this phrase very much.

It would be easy to portray our travels as something straight out of a glossy brochure. You can picture the scenes… Our RV is always parked in a pristine natural environment. The weather is always beautiful. It’s always “the magic hour,” and the setting sun always bathes our activities in warm glowing tones.

But in the real world, it’s not sunny all of the time. We don’t always make the correct turn, even when our GPS is barking out step-by-step instructions. Food doesn’t always sit well on my stomach. Our campsites aren’t always green and leafy. And our Airstream? Although we love it, it doesn’t always work the way it should.

There are so many variables when you travel. It’s impossible for everything to go right all of the time — and wouldn’t life be boring if it did?

I’ve said before that a sense of humor is essential to enjoying RV travel. But really, it’s essential to enjoying life. When times get tough, it helps tremendously to find comfort in a laugh.

Are you planning to take a big RV trip this year? You’d better believe that things will go wrong. When they do, remind yourself that “the adventure” has begun. Laugh about it. Don’t take out your frustrations on your spouse or travel partner. Don’t let it spoil your trip. Heck, don’t even let it spoil your day.

Sometimes it’s best to relax and enjoy the ride — especially when the ride gets bumpy.

When things go wrong…the adventure begins!


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  2. Saw you ob HGHDTV at 2009 Rv show looks like yu had a blast ther is one here in Vegas thats lots of fun also Paul & Sharol we enjoy you videos and blog

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  4. GMAs

    Wow… much better… your getting the hang of this video stuff… and making it have hooks… excellent

    Like the INDY hat.. knew you we’re going to get one sooner or later… but you need a herbert Johnson one… to be auth… now for the desert looking neck shade one… your pith will work but most use the neck shade german style…to keep from getting red neck look… grin… of course if you go to AU you need to get a real Wolverine Safari Hat… You will have ’em all… I perfer my old VN boonie floppy hat (desert and jungle/survival one for all around… then I too have my indy hat that was given to me when we were on the set… yep its orginal … but I find the boonie hats are easier to wear and use… as you can pin them to liking… while the baseball cap has a hard brim that you have to rotate around when working… pooo…

    Ahhhh yes the adverture contenues… as we have always said… good to see others are having a good time too…

    Strange … we seem to remember the … Gone Wrong Adventures more than the ones that go as planned…

    The adventure contenues… got to go…

  5. LOL Chris… It would be hilarious (and somehow appropriate) to see that slogan painted on an RV!

    I’m reminded of one of our favorite RV camping trips. We were on the coast of the Florida panhandle. We were camping on the beach in a beautiful setting, but were besieged by a massive thunderstorm complete with driving rain and blasts of powerful wind. The winds were so strong that the roof vent cover of our Fantastic Fan blew off entirely! So we had a huge hole in our roof during a pounding thunderstorm. Water was drenching the interior of our RV. Kristy duct taped a plastic bowl over the hole, and then I ventured outside into the maelstrom. I managed to tape more plastic over the roof, getting drenched in the process. Oh, if only we had caught that episode on video… 😉

  6. Chris O'Rourke


    I like that phrase so much that want to have it painted on our “new to us” travel trailer. Well where should I begin. We got a very good deal and I inspected it for hours. Everything I tried and I did try everything worked. First trip the slide-out came in before we left home but when we got to our destination (less than 50 miles from home) the slide-out would not go out! I had that fixed within 2 hours of returning home after spending 2 nights and 2 days in a very cramped dining / kitchen area. Second trip, just before leaving no lights over dining table and bed room. Got that fixed just before leaving home. Third trip was for the most part uneventful. Taking out forth trip this Friday to Sunday. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

    Chris O’Rourke
    Winston-Salem, NC