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September 2, 2014

ActionLineAfter taking delivery on his new Forest River Salem, Good Sam Club member, Wayne Hall was surprised to notice that his King Size mattress was lacking the proper support structure. He reached out to Action Line, saying:

“I am having a problem with my 2014 Forest River Salem and Forest River has been unresponsive to date.  I was disappointed to find that the mattress for my King Size bed is unsupported for about twelve inches.  I am amazed that a unit left the factory with this glaring defect. I spoke with Wayne Bigler with Forest River and he stated that he was aware of the problem and that he would forward the issue and “see what they would do”.  It has been over two weeks, and he has not responded to my second email asking for resolution.  The bed is impossible to use in its current state, as you will end up on the floor if you roll over towards the edge of the bed.  Further we thought we were receiving a “King” size bed as advertised in their website and specs. Instead, we received a 66”x80” Olympic Queen.  This is not an oversight, but a blatant misstatement of facts known to the manufacturer.  I’ve had great service from Forest River with my previous unit, a Cherokee wolf Pack 27WP, and frankly I am baffled with their unresponsiveness to this issue.  In my opinion, Salem Division should provide me with a properly supported King size bed, as advertised.  I hesitate to fix this problem myself as it could be construed as modifying the unit and possibly lead to later problems.  Any help would be appreciated.”

Good Sam Action Line contacted Wayne Bigler at Forest River on behalf of Wayne Hall and received the following reply directed to Mr. Hall:

 “I am sorry for the long delay in answering your situation with the bed mattress.  The general manager of the plant has had discussions with production based on your comments about the mattress not being supported correctly.  They are now changing this and future production will not have this problem thank to your communicating with us.  I have called our supporting service center near your area.  They will rebuild the bed area to support the existing mattress that we call a king mattress.  At this point Forest River feels their interpretation of the king mattress supplied is within limits and does not require a change of the mattress.  Please contact Steve at Steve Moore RV to set an appointment that meets your needs.  Thank you for your business and I again apologize that it took so long in resolving this within our organization. “

Wayne  Bigler, Customer Service
Forest River Inc.

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