Back by Popular Demand! The Original Trip Routing Service

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June 24, 2011

Due to the receipt of critical feedback of the previously existing trip routing program from Good Sam members, the Original Trip Routing Service that you have known and loved for many years is back! In addition to providing step-by-step driving directions and Good Sam park locations, it also features steep grade notifications, average fuel prices, weather advisories, plus much more! So dive in and enjoy all of the great features that the Original Trip Routing Service has to offer today.


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  1. John Parker

    While I appreciate the information offered with the Original Trip Routing service I found myself going to the Trailer Life Directory more often to use the new router that showed a map and RV parks along the way. Now that is gone. I find it very difficult to plan a multi-stop trip now. Please bring back the NEW trip router with the map. Thanks, John Parker

  2. Kathy V

    We much prefer the other trip routing service which showed our route on a map with all the campgrounds along the way. It was so easy to see how far it was to the next available campground and whether we should stop now or go on a bit further. The routing service now is not good for us. 🙁

  3. Joan Hall

    Thank you very much for going back to the old way. I was very disappointed when you changed and I quit using the program. Thanks again, Joan Hall.

  4. Vincent Joslin

    Glad to have the old trip routing system back. But, you need to put the address of the final destination. We had to go to mapquest in order to get to our campground destination. The campground was not a Good Sams. Also, need to get rid of the ads that come up when you click on more information. We have a directory. We kept having to start over again when we clicked on more information. Just needs more tweeking. We’re assuming that the route the trip finder is giving us is trailer friendly.

  5. Jim Moyer

    This is a waste. I click on more information for RV park and the program goes to and advertisment selling camping directory. No maps are shown, no thanks. No longer list all RV parks. I end up using Googlemaps to get good route and then bounce that route against GoodSams rv parks. To much extra work.

  6. Lee Ross

    thanks for bringing back the original trip routing. I requested that the route be emailed but it hasn’t arrived. The printout is good.

    Thanks for bring it back.

  7. John Lanpher

    Thanks for bringing back the original trip routing. The most valuable part was the “grade” information along the route. I could’ve used that a few years ago while traveling in AZ as the grade was so steep and the switchbacks were too short to allow for the brakes to cool. It cost me over $1800. The best information is what you’re providing.

    Thanks again.

  8. Allen Hooser

    It is SO GOOD to have our old friend back with us. The printouts were invaluable for the co-pilot.

    We used many years on all our cross country trips. The original routing was so easy to customize, city to city, to use the routes we wanted. Many thanks!!

  9. M.L. Hall

    This is the first time I have used the Good Sam Trip Routing program and tried using it to create a route from Hwy. 101 in Northern Calif. to Fallbrook in San Diego County on I-15. To begin with the program would not avoid I-580 and it would not favor State Hwy. 37 which is the road I want to take to I-5. It would not favor State Hwy. 58, a road which will avoid Los Angeles, to I-15 south. It appears that this program only uses Interstate routes when it can regardless of user input. When gas stations were selected, most of the major stations were not listed but favored a select few. Although I requested an email of a route, it was not received. Perhaps I am expecting too much of this program. It’s a great idea and worth improving. Thank you.

  10. Jan Welch

    Glad to see the change. The new one gives the advantage of getting a route that aviods low clearances, tolls, major city roads, etc, as well as give campgrounds and fuel stops. The one thing I see to add to the avoid list is propane restrictions. As far as campground directions, those can be looked up in campground directories. Better to have to look those up than to come up on a low clearance bridge with no place to turn around.

  11. Don Powell

    I do not see a place to put the exact location of the campground. Need directions to get to the campground.

  12. John Anthamatten

    Does not give park specific info like telephone numbers and we have yet to get the map to work showing the location(s) of parks or, maybe, that feature isnt available like it was on the other trip routing that was available in May on our trip to Texas and Oklahoma. Please go back to the one that shows locations of rv parks on the highway that we are travelling on so we can see which parks we might want to use at the end of the day.

    Take a hard look at what you have now and see that it is basically usless. The listing of parks along the route have to be located using a paper map and then do not have phone numbers or email address to use for making a reservation. How can this be better than it was in May?


    John and Lillian Anthamatten

  13. John Yager

    Great to have it back, its like renewing an old friendship Thanks Good Sam