little girl in flower costume

My little flower

A few years ago we discovered trick or treat camping. For those of us in the Northeast, it’s a great way to wind down camping season. I mean really, could you ask for a better time, camping and free candy?!?!? My kids are all over that!

Friday night, there’s a flurry of activity as those who are so inclined decorate their campers and sites with all sorts of ghosts, goblins and witches, some are scary, some are kid friendly and some just hang a string of pumpkin lights and call it a night (yes, that would be yours truly).

The campground we go to has a pumpkin-carving contest on Saturday afternoon. Then about 3:30 the kids are all lined up for the costume judging, broken down by age. This is fun to go to even if you don’t have a costume, just to see all the great costumes the kids and some adults are wearing. After the judging everyone heads back to their sites and the candy dispersing commences!!! People hand out everything from small lollipops to cups filled with pencils, stickers and candy. There are lots of grandparents on hand, smiling at all the little trick or treaters  with their shy trick or treat and thank you as they go from site to site. The night ends with a hayride and a haunted house for those who are brave enough (we just enjoyed the hayride, thank you very much)

lots of trick or treaters

Costume judging

If you decide to go trick or treat camping there’s a few things you should know. Make your reservations early as the last two weekends in October fill up fast. Figure on lots of kids, our site was along the back of the campground, so we didn’t get all the kids and handed out about 150 pieces. You can always ask the campground staff on how much candy to figure on. If you run out, it’s not the end of the world, so try not to stress about that. Then make sure your not over your GVW on the ride home with all the candy your kids are going to haul in.

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