Top 4 Ways To Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite

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August 22, 2014

clean rvTop 4 Ways to Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite

1. Bring a Broom/Dust Pan— This may seem like common sense, but its imperative to sweep out the dirt, dust, leaves, etc to maintain a clean RV, (or tent), during the camp out.  And it is even more important to remember to clean up after your camp out, before heading home.

2. Bring a Floor Covering and Mat for right outside your RV (or tent)–  Many places sell these and they come in a wide range of sizes.  You can get ones that are soft and squishy or have fake grass, either way you definitely need something to cover the ground for when you step down out of the RV.  It is even more important when you are heading into the RV.  It is nice to have a clean area (on the mat), where you can sit and take off your shoes before entering, which leads me to my next point…

3. Take your Shoes off before Entering the RV EVERY SINGLE TIME!— This can be tricky and seem tedious if your shoes are not the easy kind that slip on and off.  The thing to think of and always remember is all the dirt and grime that you are keeping out of your RV and off your clean floors/carpet. This can be especially challenging when camping with young kids who want to go in and out of the RV a lot.  One trick to use, is buy them some nice comfy slippers for use ONLY in the RV, which should help encourage them to remember to take off their outside shoes and put on their inside ones.

4. Have “Outside” Clothes and “Inside” Clothes—  This has come in especially handywhen camping with kids, but it also applies to adults.  When you are hanging out in the RV, have a set of comfy/pajama-like pair of clothes that only stay inside.  Then, before you venture outdoors, put on your outdoor set of clothes. This can be especially helpful for keeping things such as poison oak oils and other such outdoor things, outdoors where they belong.

Aside from these four helpful pointers, enjoy your camp out and just remember the golden rule when leaving your campsite:

Always leave your campsite CLEANER than it was when you arrived.

This can be as simple as picking up trash and cigarette butts that have accumulated, or sweeping off the concrete slab before you pull away.

Trust me, the next camper will appreciate your efforts!


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  1. A clean campsite is a happy campsite. We employ the "clean as you go" routine! It helps cut down on messes during the day. 🙂