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RV Freshwater Tips — Simple Steps to Clean the System

RV freshwater tips for clean lines and clear H20. Your RV internal fresh water supply is an important system in filling your camping needs. Unlike your home water, some component maintenance is a requirement periodically.  Over time, bacteria can gather in your water tank, pump, lines and related valves.  Cleaning these is a fairly easy project

Top 4 Ways To Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite

Top 4 Ways to Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite 1. Bring a Broom/Dust Pan— This may seem like common sense, but its imperative to sweep out the dirt, dust, leaves, etc to maintain a clean RV, (or tent), during the camp out.  And it is even more important to remember to clean up after your camp

Member Tip: Super Swiffers

Cleaning that awning just got easier with the use of a household-cleaning item called a Swiffer. You can clean both sides the awning rather easily, and if the pad get dry, just add a little household cleaner. Great idea! My wife thought of this, so I must give credit where credit is due. Editor’s note:

Keeping It Clean

Submitted By Harvey Hetrick of Torrance, California After several years of using aluminum foil as a splash guard around RV stove, we found an inexpensive and more durable product. Disposable cookie sheets do wonders. We can buy two for about $4, and they will last a very long time. The 15×10-inch size works fine. Simply