The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 12 Extreme Destinations

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June 24, 2010




The Lug_Nut Trivia Challenge No 12 deals with some extreme RV travel related topics. Keep in mind, this is not an I.Q. test, it is a trivia requiring some guess work.  So, get a pencil and paper to record your answers.  When you have completed the 10 questions and scored your answers, please post your results in the comment section found at the very bottom.  Good luck.




So, let’s go!


1)    This popular destination has a Bavarian theme and boasts of the largest year round Christmas store in the world.  Where is this great destination.

A)    Branson, MO

B)    Frankenmuth, MI

C)   Pigeon Forge, TN

D)   Portland, OR

E)    Lake George, NY

2)    The highest structure in the Western Hemisphere, CN Tower, is a top attraction and draws tens of thousands of visitors in this city.  If you were making it your RV vacation destination, you would have to book one the many parks found within a short drive.  What city would you be visiting?

A)    Houston

B)    Seattle

C)   Montreal

D)   Toronto

E)    Calgary

3)    At a height of 235’ this rock structure ranks as the third highest “intertidal” structure in the world.  It draws visitors from all over the country and is the focal point for many photographers.  What is its name and where can it be found?

A)    Haystack Rock, Oregon Coast

B)    Hilton Head, South Carolina

C)   Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

D)   Flowerpot Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario

E)    Alcatraz “Rock”, California

4)    The Cripple Creek K.O.A. has a very notable characteristic, what is it?

A)    The largest K.O.A. in the world

B)    The smallest K.O.A. in the world.

C)   The lowest elevation of a K.O.A. in the world

D)   The Highest elevation of a K.O.A. in the world

E)    The oldest K.O.A. in the world

5)    Attracting 7.6 million visitors a year, the largest man-made lake in the U.S. is a great RV destination.  What lake is it?

A)    Lake Tahoe

B)    Cater Lake

C)   Lake George

D)   Great Salt Lake

E)    Lake Mead

6)    Want to take your RV into the high country?  Better head for this state.  It has the highest mean (average) elevation of any state.  What state is it?

A)    Colorado

B)    Utah

C)   New Mexico

D)   Alaska

E)    California

7)    Attracting thousands of visitors, this river gorge is the deepest in North America.  Full river tours run way up the canyon for both half or full day trips.  What is this deepest gorge?

A)    The Great Gorge, Colorado

B)    Hell’s Canyon, Idaho

C)   Zion, Utah

D)   Grand Canyon, Arizona

E)    Niagara, New York

8)    The Corvette Museum is located where all these fine American sports cars are built.  It’s an attraction that brings many RV’ers to view.  Where is it.

A)    St. Louis, Missouri

B)    Detroit, Michigan

C)   Flint, Michigan

D)   Bowling Green, Kentucky

E)    Cincinnati, Ohio

Trivia 129)    The city skyline, shown to the left, is a great place to go on your RV vacation.  What city is it?

A)    New York, NY

B)    Toronto, Canada

C)   Houston, Texas

D)   Seattle, Washington

E)    Vancouver, Canada



10) Your generator will probably only produce 75% of its rated output while you are visiting this state capital city.  Boiling an egg will also take much more time because this city is the highest capital city in the country.  What city would you be visiting?

A)    Denver, Colorado

B)    Santa Fe, New Mexico

C)   Reno, Nevada

D)   Kansas City, Kansas

E)    Pittsburg, PA

Okay, now let’s see how you did.  You can check your answers against those below.  Be sure to post your score in the comments section at the very bottom.

 With The Pondering Question    –    Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer























1)     –  (B) Frankenmuth is the home of Bronner’s, a year-round Christmas store that is so huge that you better write down the door you came in, or you may get lost.

2)     – (D) The 1815’ CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3)     – (A) Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

4)     – (D) At 10,000 ft., Cripple Creek is the highest K.O.A. in the world.

5)     – (E) Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the country.

6)     – (A) Colorado has the highest mean elevation of all the states.

7)     – (B) Hell’s Canyon in Lewiston Idaho and Clarkston Washington.

8)     – (D) The Corvette Museum is in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

9)     – (D) The photo shows Seattle Washington

10) – (B) Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet elevation.

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  2. Sally

    Very interesting list of places. I was correct on six of the answers and look forward to visiting the places on the quiz.

  3. Boy am I dumb only got 2 right.

  4. Lug_Nut

    Ali Shumate, That’s a great score for a relatively newbe! Thanks for sharing your score with us.

  5. Ali Shumate

    Got 5 right and feeling pretty good about it, because we just got our first RV and have only been on one trip eastward.

  6. G Norton

    Got them all as I have been lucky enough to have visited most of the places.

  7. G Finley

    Gosh, I knew number 10, but got it wrong. I will take my time the next time and double check my answers before going on. I got 8 out of 10. Missed number 3 and 10.

  8. Kent Peterson

    Wow! I got 3 wrong and I have not started to travel yet. Still working on my 1993 Monaco to make for carefree trips. My wife would hate breaking down on the road, but it will probably happen at one of the three that I missed!

  9. Michael

    Hey! I got five right! 🙂 Oh, wait a sec…I also got five wrong 🙁

  10. Mary Anne Mailliard


  11. skipit

    missed 3

  12. Double RATS…I should’ve known Santa Fe also! I got 7 out of 10.

  13. Larry Evans

    I got 6 out of 10.

  14. Duane Sonnenberg

    Rats, should have know about Santa Fe. Only got 6 correct. Now i know why i will be going full time as an RVer in 2011.


    got 7 correct

  16. Lug_Nut

    Good going, so far we have an average of 6 out of ten or 60%. That’s real good. Let’s hear from more. What’s your score?

  17. Jim Graham

    I got 6 right, should have gotten 8 right but I out guessed myself.

  18. one click away

    Well, this is the best I have ever done with these trivia questions. I got 4 wrong, WOW was I happy.

  19. Alexandre Tarcitano (Brazil)

    I’m the second dummy of the class. I only got 4 out of 10….. Well, I live in Brazil but this is no excuse…. I shouldn´t have missed that geography class instead of going to the pub chug some beers…..

  20. Gary

    Guess it would have helped had I even heard of some of these places. As it is , I got 5 outa 10 for 50%. Not too bad. No, I sucked on this !!

  21. catchesthewind

    Im the dummy of the class. I only got two out of ten.

  22. Wow, I thought I would have done better ……….only 50%

  23. John Fields

    well 6 right, need to get out more

  24. donna wilson

    I missed 2. Number 7 & 10. I can’t wait to go see a few of these places.

  25. dick thrun, Looks like you got 6 out of 10. Good going and thanks for posting.

  26. Don Mckenzie

    Got 8 out of 10

  27. dick thrun

    1.B 2C 3A 4 C 5A 6C 7D 8D 9D 10 B

  28. Bob

    Only missed the KOA question, should have guessed that. But not bad, 9 out of 10.

    Nice quiz.

  29. dennis

    Missed three. Shoulda known Hells Canyon and Reno.

  30. Don Keeney

    Missed 5! 🙂