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Wildflower bloom of yellow and orange with three small thumbnails of flowers close up

Stop and See California’s ‘Super Blooms’ of Desert Wildflowers

California Super Blooms bring flower lovers to Golden State deserts. As travelers shed their winter layers, California deserts put on colorful coats of their own. Southern California’s “Super Blooms” in March attract legions of travelers from across North America to see flowers ranging from verbena to desert lilies carpeting the ground in places like Anza-Borrego

Cherry Hill Park: A Great Base Camp for Exploring Washington, D.C.

One of our favorite parts of RV travel is that it allows us to explore our country’s best cities in an affordable and comfortable way. The time we spent at Cherry Hill Park, located in College Park, Maryland just 25 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., is the perfect example of this. Over the course of a four-night

Are you Online while Driving?

by Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour I remember when we had to schlep our laptop up to the RV park’s office and plug in to their phone line in order to use dial-up to get online.  Then came Wi-Fi.  You could browse the Internet from the comfort of your RV.  We even got a Datastorm

Destinations & Sightseeing – Part 2 – Bernice’s Tips

One of the blessings of RVing is the ability to pursue our passions. By traveling to events and destinations related to a particular hobby or interest we expand our knowledge in a hands-on, experiential way. To help your experiences be as pleasurable as possible, below are some continued tips related to destinations and sightseeing. Check