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Travel trailer decorated in holiday lights at night

Mark My Words: SEPTEMBER – Your RV Plumbing and Electrical Questions Answered

Hi folks. I’ve got some plumbing and electrical questions for you this month. Have a great fall RVing season, and remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected].   Mark: What is the best way to Sanitize our fresh water system? Just add bleach and run it through the system flushing several times? John and

Camper Travel Trailer

Mark My Words: May – Plumbing and Electrical Issues, and Some General RVing Tips

Hi folks. A great mix of questions this month, including some RV plumbing and electrical issues, and some general RVing tips. Keep those RV questions coming! [email protected]. Hi Mark, My old 2000 Flair motor home often gets streaks on the windshield, windows, and wall after rain. What cause these dirty streaks? Are these the results

RV Winterizing 101 (Part 2)

We enjoy using our RV as much as possible throughout the year.  But when temperatures are approaching freezing, it’s important that you protect it. Last week I talked about preparing your RV’s interior, exterior and chassis for storage during the colder winter months. I mentioned at the beginning of the article that the RV plumbing