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wild west nevada rv

Take Wing in Nevada’s Wild West RV Crossroads

Stay Here During Your Visit: Winnemucca RV Park, Winnemucca Winnemucca is the ultimate Wild West Nevada RV trip. Located in the north of Silver State, the small town is the ideal launching pad for adventures in the surrounding mountains. Back in town, friendly locals and restaurants that serve up delicious fare complete the scene. Winnemucca has

Ghost Town

3 Unearthly Idaho Ghost Town Trips

Go on a Ghost Town tour of the Gem State. Those shiny minerals, silver and gold, lured thousands of hopeful wannabes to Idaho to strike it rich during the gold rush of the late 1800s. After the dust of reality settled, Idaho’s mining towns plummeted from boom towns to ghost towns. Today, you can learn the fascinating

Scary Ghost Towns in Western Montana

Hunt for spirits in these abandoned Big Sky settlements

I stood in the middle of the street in the deserted town; the eerie silence was broken only by the soft whistle of the wind ruffling the willow tree’s leaves next to the hotel. I could see no other humans—though I’m told that the spirits of some of the departed still reside here. The decrepit,