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A group of people around a campfire.

How to Make Unforgettable Camping Memories

Many of us still have fond memories from the early days of camping with our parents. In many cases, all it takes is the smell of campfire to take us back to those good times. There’s something that’s inherently special about camping with loved ones, whether it’s the detachment from daily routine or the inspired

Backing up your Trip Journal content – Part 1

This is part of a series of posts on a comparison between Trip Journals and blogs. Today , I’ll consider the ease with which your trip history can be backed up using a Trip Journal. Next week, I’ll consider the same question using 3 major blog systems. Backups from your Trip Journal The MyTripJournal system

Keeping your Memories Alive

I am often asked what makes for a good travel journal. We have an Aussie chap, Aaron, on staff who spends a good chunk of his time reviewing Trip Journals and trying to decide which journals qualify as the “best“. There’s no simple answer but, having read many good and mundane journal posts, a few