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Mountain Driving Challenges Part 1 Grade Speed Control

A Lug_Nut tip.  Driving in the mountains can pose many challenges for drivers of all vehicle types and sizes.  It is not surprising that some of these challenges become somewhat greater if you are driving a large motorized RV or trailer combination. Safely climbing and descending mountain grades may be the first thing you think

Air Disc Brakes May One Day Be On All DP's

 On March 16th. I did a write up covering some of the choices of supplement braking systems on today’s motor coaches, like Pac and Jake brakes.   I also did a piece the following week, on March 23rd, on real world application and techniques of same.   Well, this week’s topic will relate to those as we

Motor Home Steep Grade Driving Techniques

Last week, we looked at what was available in compression type braking features and techniques. This week we will focus on some real world braking applications and operating tips. The first group will cover all sizes and groups of coaches, from gas units to heavy diesels. All Categories of coaches:When approaching a grade that is