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beware of b20

Beware of B20 Fuel for Your Diesel Vehicle

Beware of B20 fuel. If you have a diesel-powered motorhome, or tow vehicle, you are probably used to seeing fuel pumps labeled with biodiesel content. Typically, they are marked with B-5 and up to B20.  This is the percentage of the oilseed produced biodiesel that is in the fuel.  Like the “E” (Ethanol) that many

Fuel Consumption Trip Computers

Fuel consumption trip computers are now commonplace in many automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles, but are they accurate? Do they really display the actual miles per gallon that you have been achieving? Well, yes and no.  The auto industry’s O.E.M. standard on-board computer display is not a scientific measuring device.  Some of its input data comes from

Low-Sulfur-Fuel Confusion

Confusion over low-Sulfur diesel fuel cleared up. Low-Sulfur-Fuel Confusion Can you help clear up some of the confusion over low-sulfur diesel fuel? I have a 1996 Monaco with the 300-horsepower Cummins engine and have heard several conflicting things about the new fuel in the older engines. We first learned that we must put an additive