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The Origins of Winter Texans

Thousands of snow-weary northerners flock to Texas for the winter. In Texas—a state famous for adding its unique flair—migrating snowbirds have been affectionately dubbed Winter Texans. Most congregate in one of two areas: Coastal Bend and Rio Grande Valley. The majority of Winter Texans flock to “The Valley”, an area near the Mexican border that stretches from Brownsville

Obscure Tourist Destinations

Every winter thousands of Canadians and Americans from the northern climes head south to the U.S Sunbelt. The snowbird hotspots include vast stretches of the Florida coastline, a variety of popular Arizona desert locations, and Palm Springs. Imagine instead going to more obscure tourist destinations. Like the popular hotspots, you’ll find a variety of shopping, quality

Large brown and tan RV in snowy weather

RVing In Freezing Weather

RVing in freezing weather can have its challenges.  Not only do you have to keep the inside at a comfortable temperature, but you must also provide some heat to the basement to prevent any fluids from freezing in the tanks, lines and related components.  Additionally, the engine may require heating several hours prior to departing camp.