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beware of b20

Beware of B20 Fuel for Your Diesel Vehicle

Beware of B20 fuel. If you have a diesel-powered motorhome, or tow vehicle, you are probably used to seeing fuel pumps labeled with biodiesel content. Typically, they are marked with B-5 and up to B20.  This is the percentage of the oilseed produced biodiesel that is in the fuel.  Like the “E” (Ethanol) that many

Why Use Cetane Boost in a Diesel Pickup Truck?

Why do we use cetane boosting fuel additive (http://goo.gl/v30HmO) in our diesel pickup truck? Last year our diesel truck “SEEMORE” suffered a catastrophic engine failure. Specifically, the EGR cooler failed. We ended up needing to replace both the EGR cooler and the oil cooler with new units. It was quite an ordeal, and not easy

Diesel Fuel System Maintenance

By: Chris Hemer The fuel system in your diesel motorhome is the mechanical equivalent of the circulatory system in your own body. If properly cared for, your coach’s fuel system will provide years of reliable, trouble-free service. If neglected, however, its performance can suffer—or worse yet, fail completely. The good news is, caring for your