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Why RVing Matters

Exploration and adventure are vital to the human soul. Either out of Eden or out of Africa, we walked. Called by distant voices or prodded by an inner whisper, we moved. From the very beginning we were nomads, filled with a sense of wonder, driven to bring the far away, front and center. We ventured

North & South of the Border – Same Question

In the opening 11 months of “Green RVing” the media interest in my North American adventure has been pretty demanding. The requests for interviews keep coming. I am continually inspired, witnessing the deep interest in energy conservation and independence. People seem generally moved to self-reliance and autonomy.

Mother Nature is Watching

Welcome, I’m Brian Brawdy. It is truly an honor to participate in the RV.net family. Truth be told, most everyone reading this post possesses a significantly greater wealth of experience than I do. Most of my mentors in this industry have been at it for 35 years or more. I’ve been at it a little