Why RVing Matters

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February 17, 2009

Exploration and adventure are vital to the human soul. Either out of Eden or out of Africa, we walked. Called by distant voices or prodded by an inner whisper, we moved. From the very beginning we were nomads, filled with a sense of wonder, driven to bring the far away, front and center. We ventured from countryside, to continent to eventually the moon; even now planning to one-day visit Mars.

As a little boy I wanted to be an astronaut. Growing up I soon realized that my “right stuff” wasn’t NASA’s version so I began to explore by biking, hiking, kayaking and eventually RVing.

Today, with my year anniversary as an RVer just a week away, I’ve started to look back, not just over the last 12 months but over the first 47 years of my life as well. Obviously, I didn’t make it as far as Neil Armstrong; my ”One Small Step” kept me a little closer in. That said, my experience as been almost as amazing.

It takes courage and passion to discover the open road, to explore just off the beaten path and I’ve met some pretty courageous and passionate people behind the wheel of an RV this past year. The places I visited and the people I visited with rekindled something in me.

At our core, we are all explorers; standing here while wondering of over there. It’s in our bones, our marrow, our guts to venture out and discover. If more people embraced the call, the risk, the uncertainty of the open road, if more people followed their hearts, were true to themselves, oh what a better place our planet would be.

For me, RVing matters. It matters to the little boy in me and to the inner-explorer in us all.


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