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beautiful mission bay

Set Sail on San Diego’s Beautiful Mission Bay!

A beautiful and spacious RV Park surrounded by San Diego’s beautiful Mission Bay… The location just doesn’t get any better! Easy access to I-5 makes it convenient no matter where you want to go. A few minutes to Old Town, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial, Sunset Cliffs and so much more!

Giving Thanks On the Road

Fall can be the most beautiful time of the year to camp. The seasons are changing and campgrounds and RV parks are not as packed with vacationers as they may be during summer months. If you are fortunate enough to have the time for travel in late November, you could have the unique experience of

KanJam The Ultimate Disc Game

What is KanJam? KanJam is a game that is gaining popularity and is based in throwing a flying disk into a container to mark points. This game originally started back in the mid 1990s when a few guys were throwing a disc into metal garbage can just for the fun of it. This game is

Everybody Has A Job

Early on in our camping adventure, like before we even bought the camper, Hubby had decided it would be a team effort when we went camping. As we were all thinking about how perfect this 3 bunk Sunline was for our family, Hubby told the twins, we’ll buy it, but only if you promise to