Early on in our camping adventure, like before we even bought the camper, Hubby had decided it would be a team effort when we went camping. As we were all thinking about how perfect this 3 bunk Sunline was for our family, Hubby told the twins, we’ll buy it, but only if you promise to help every time we go out camping. The boys were both in agreement, and so off to find the salesman we went.

helping Dad

Helping Dad stick the rainspout back on

Hubby’s had two reason’s for this, one was so it didn’t land on dear old mom and dad to do all the work and two, so if they decided they’d want to camp as adults, they’d already know what to do. So far it’s worked out very well. We can set up camp in as little as 45 minutes, even quicker if it looks like the rain cloud is going to burst open on us!

The twins will back Hubby in as I try to corral the little ones. Once the camper is set into place it’s the little ones job to carry the blocks that go under the jacks. They’ll even try to crank the jacks down (big brothers will go back later and tighten them up). This keeps them out of the way while Hubby hooks up the water and electric. Then who ever gets to it first will pull out the awning,  lay down the rug, get out the chairs.  Then once the sight is squared away it’s off to check out the campground and for the older two, members of the fairer sex (if there isn’t one waiting at home for them).

splitting wood

R splitting wood for the campfire

A friend of Hubby’s had bought a camper at the end of the summer last year. Their first camping trip was at the same place we stay for Labor Day. We were in a bit of a hurry to drop off the camper and get to the farmer’s market before it closed. Not wanting to leave the first time campers in a lurch, we lent them R to help out.  R helped them back into the space, hook up, and give some general ideas on what had to be done first. Had R not helped his dad all those times before, he wouldn’t have been able to be such a big help to the new campers. He was happy to help and Hubby’s friend was happy to report R did a stellar job (hhhmmm maybe we should rent him out to new campers!!)

R and Little Man

R keeping Little Man busy while I tend to dinner

I really enjoy watching our family work together as a team. Whether its’ the big boys splitting wood, or just Little Man offering to make someone a marshmallow over the fire, it’s nice to see a team effort. And while there may be some griping from time to time, I think they know they’re all the better for it.

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  1. Wow. That is absolutely a great idea. Team work should be something we develop during camping. If the whole family or group work together camping is a lot easier.

  2. Team work is so awesome! My son and I go to our deer lease about once a month. Although our trailer is set up year round, when we do get there, there is still a system that is in place of what to do and when. My son is 9 and he thinks he’s a pro now. The next challenge is when I get Mom and baby girl out and go camping for the weekend in a tent. All new lessons for him to learn. Might burst that bubble he has around him from the lease.


  3. jpdelpozo

    This article was so “Kool”! It brought back memories of when our twin girls went camping and grew up dong so. Now they look forward to those things on their own with their husbands. It was funny thou because their husbands had never gone camping with their respective families until they met their future wives. Those were stories to tell around campfires! Of course “Ole Dad” really enjoyed it!