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How Much Is My RV Worth?

  The market for RVs remains dynamic. Demand ebbs and flows depending on the popularity of camping, the economy, and other factors. And manufacturers toe the line, building enough RVs to meet demand without exceeding it, year-over-year. The value of your RV will fluctuate depending on these factors. And when you decide whether to sell

To Wax or Not to Wax Your RV

With the popularity of full-body painted RV’s today, the topic of waxing these surfaces is being revisited. Many of the cleaning products that worked well years ago on unpainted gelcoat may not be the right treatment for the full painted skin. Power wheel compound applications buff out oxidization on gelcoat. However, clear coat finishes on

Maintaining Your RV Refrigerator

Some of the most common RV problems stem from refrigerators. Refrigerators in RVs operate using an absorption system, which incorporates a completely different set of principles than those in compressor-driven household units. The RV is far more demanding than the relatively static residential environment. For example, RV refrigerators are required to operate on a variety of energy sources