Scares and Screams Guaranteed for Calico Ghost Haunt

October 22-24 and October 29-31

Book your camping reservation for Calico Ghost Town’s (San Bernardino County, California) Ghost Haunt taking place over two-back-to-back weekends: October 22-24 and October 29-31 if you want to have a screaming good time. Reservations may be booked online at www.sbcountyparks.com.

This year will be like no other as the entertainment has been ramped up and the thrills and screams are sure to take place. Calico will transform into an authentic vaudeville freak show! Remember those old time posters you’ve seen of the Barnum and Bailey sideshow performers – contortionists, sword swallowers, fire eaters, pretzel man and more? Well this year, Calico has them and they will be entertaining along the streets of the town. Get “buried alive” if you dare, take a haunted hay ride, tour the inside of the scary Maggie’s Mine. These are among the many activities that will be occurring during these two weekends.

Kids will love the creepy crawly animals that they will be able to see and even touch. And they’ll enjoy the trick or treating, costume contests, games and more. Even the pooches get into the act with the Best Doggie Costume competition.

Calico Ghost Town is located on I-15 off Ghost Town Road in San Bernardino County, CA. It is the perfect point to drop anchor on your way to or from Las Vegas. For more information visit www.calicotown.com or call 800-86-CALICO.


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  1. Woodall's Editorial Staff


    Thanks for the tip! I made a few small changes to the article, and updated the title text. We always appreciate feedback on how we can make the blog more user friendly!

  2. Jon

    I had no problems finding where it was at.. I live in Michigan. I sent the link to my friends who live in Southern California. Sounds like a lot of fun to me . Wish I lived closer so would be able to go!

  3. George Punches

    I wish the titles and stories would tell where it is… state and part of state. I have to dig through the article and sometimes it never tells if it is in eastern, Western, north or south. I might be more interested if the title and lead in article would tell it was in northeast Ohio, etc.

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