RVs of the Rich and Famous!

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September 16, 2008

Amongst the general public, RVs have something of a mixed image. Some people just don’t appreciate the difference between a motor home and a mobile home. To the uninformed, there’s a thin line between a campground and a trailer park.

But walk onto any Hollywood back lot, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by RVs.

Airstream RV Blog #82 – Gone Hollywood from Sean Michael on TheLongLongHoneymoon.com.

Los Angeles is replete with “Star Waggons,” travel trailers that are used on location as temporary living and working quarters for actors and crew. The world’s most publicized celebrities spend a great deal of their working time aboard RVs. And many of these folks have taken the RV lifestyle along with them after departing the set.

In the Airstream community, A-list celebs like Matthew McConaughey (aka Ol’ Washboard Abs) and Pamela Anderson have helped to make the classic aluminum trailers seem hip and current. Heck, People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive lived full time for years in his trailer, which was parked alongside a Malibu beach.

We’ve toured the Marathon Coach factory in Oregon that builds $2 million Prevost bus conversions for people like Tom Cruise. It’s also said that Will Smith, Sly Stallone, and Robert De Niro have built extraordinarily plush RVs that are customized to their tastes. De Niro’s coach reportedly is three stories tall and boasts a dozen TV sets. (Elvis would approve.)

Those of us who have fully explored the RV lifestyle understand that there’s literally no limit to how nice these things can be. For many of us, the RV lifestyle combines the best of both worlds — the comforts of home paired with the enjoyment of travel. You don’t need to be a celebrity to live the life.

When we bought our first RV, we had no idea where we’d take it. Or rather, we had no idea where our cozy little Airstream would take us. This past week, we went from the hills of Hollywood to HGTV, as we participated in the filming of that network’s upcoming “RV 2009” TV show.

We’ll speak more about the show as the air date approaches, but suffice to say that it was a fun, exhausting experience. Look for the show in March 2009.

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  36. John, I don’t know much about CNG, but rest assured that RV manufacturers are working on alternative fueling technologies. The truth is that the recent pace of change in fuel prices has taken the automotive & RV industries by surprise. It was not so long ago that fuel was $1.60 a gallon (ah, those were the days) so economy was not such a priority.


    I Have a 2006 GEORGETOWN XL on a F-53 FORD CHASSIS powered by a 6.8 V-10 FORD ENGINE, Why isnt the RV manufacturers making RVs with CNG fueled engines or HYBRID ELECTRIC powered MOTORHOMES? JOHN B.

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  39. By the way, Brad, the Hollywood back lot did NOT have full hookups. There were a lot of RVs on the premises (I didn’t take more pictures because taking pics was, shall we say, a little frowned upon). My guess is that they have one of those portable dump stations that services the different trailers.

  40. Ray, I don’t know much about aftermarket slide-outs. I do think they are available, but obviously it’s a specialty install. And I think they are pretty rare. I know I would think long and hard before letting someone cut a huge hole in the side of my rig…

  41. Ray Regis

    What can you tell me about after market slid outs. I have a 1998 30′ Class C which has every thing I need except a little more room in the living area. Are after market slid out available? If so where?

    Thank you
    Ray Regis

  42. Brad, I think doing a feature on the NASCAR RV scene is a great idea. I would particularly enjoy being in the driver’s lot! Kristy’s brother has actually done a lot of work with NASCAR (putting graphics on cars, doing signs at racetracks, etc.). Who knows, we may find ourselves at Talladega someday.

    I’d really like to find a way to ramp up the production of our show. The world of RVs is vast. There’s no end to the possible topics to cover. NASCAR would be a great one!

  43. TXBrad

    Sean: Again great stuff!
    1. Did the “back lot” have full hook-ups ?
    I work w/ NASCAR & work ? w/ driver’s owner’s , crew chiefs motor homes. Many get a motorhome to use for the year & a new one next year from Mfg. as advertisement sponser promotion. Nice big rigs !
    Most have a “hired driver” who parkset up @ track. Wash/ clean/ make sure tanks serviced, etc, then go to a motel , Drivers, owners, fly into track. Many coach drivers travel together, some men will drive one & wife will also drive one.
    While on the road, most stay over night in parking lots of Tagets, churches, etc.
    They travel over & over each year, so have roads stops restraunts fuel stops figured out. Some coach drivers are retired & some young, When a new driver is hired for a new team, added car, etc. ; he will travel with some old hands to learn the ropes. They are also taged ” rookies” It does not matter who’s coach it is; these folks a close net group; help one another, etc. & really look after the rookie.
    Sean: You all could produce some neat stuff by visiting a NASCAR track @ a race. A Cup team or sponser or Coach mfg. could probably get you passes / credentials. Driver’s lot is a secure area, but w/ proper connections, you could get in. All tracks also have many, many camping areas from full hookups to tents. So plenty room for Air Stream ! May even do a promotion Video for a track, etc. since you do this for $$$ later TXBrad

  44. Aaron, thanks for your comments… We will try to keep ’em coming. I think the RV 2009 show will air on HGTV in March 2009. We’ll post more info here on RV.net as the date draws near.

    Rob, thanks for calling my RV “crap” — I bet you’re fun at a party!

  45. Rob

    Yes there’s lots of fluff and crap RVs out there. Airstream is one of them. They’re crap. Prevosts are belly draggers and do not have an internal frame. They are not total crap but they are fluff. Fluff appeals to the uneducated or posers. If you want a quality RV buy a steel bodied vehicle like a Newell or Bluebird. The rest are either crap or fluff. Worse than that…..the fiberglass Tupperware Palaces are a death trap in an accident or fire.

  46. Aaron Borovoy

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your video blogs. Each one just seems to get more and more entertaining. Thanks for doing them. And I look forward to seeing you on RV 2009!