RV Parking Rights Council Alert: Attention RVers Owners in Arcadia, CA!

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August 29, 2012

The Good Sam Club’s Parking Rights Advisory Council is a small group of Good Sam member volunteers who assist fellow RVers affected by discriminatory legislation restricting RV parking. We have recently been alerted that your community is considering an ordinance which may prevent you from parking all recreation vehicles on private property including boats, campers, motorhomes, trailers, water scooters. Also cars may not exceed 4 per driveway. An important meeting of Arcadia council is scheduled on Sept. 4 at 7pm. It’s vital that you and your fellow RV owners attend. For more information, contact Fred Bauer at [email protected] or respond to [email protected].

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  1. Jeff

    I agree and disagree with laws and regualtions telling us what to do and when to do it. I have to remind myself also that these laws are not going to make everyone happy. When we purchased our home, this one and our previous home, we picked an area without an association and one with plenty of space on the side of our home behind the fence for our RV. Costly to the point of removing a block wall and replacing it with gates, relandscape the yard for driving surface and poiuring concrete for parking. We enjoy the convienence of having our RV at home for loading, etc. Also have utilities hooked up as we use it for extra living quarteers as needed for guest. My point I guess, WE choose where we want to live and what luxeries we want. Good Luck & Be Safe ! ! !

  2. L. F. Warneke

    Does anyone live in a community where the covenants restrict RV parking on one’s own property for some of the residents but not for others? Our planned developement was built in 12 phases. Sections 1-6 are allowed to park RVs on their property or in their driveways. Sections 7-12 are not allowed to park on their own property. Is this really enforceable? The covenants impose penalties for not complying. I just wonder if this would hold up in court. Not that we would want to go to the expense of a lawsuit. Not treating all the residents the same way seems discriminitory.

  3. Debra Lanning

    There is a difference between street parking and private property parking. That is why each peice of legislation must be considered individually. I can understand restricting street parking for safety reasons. However, the government should have no say on how I store my RV on my own property. That means you could have a great covered shelter on the back of your land, in NO ONE’s way and the city could make you move it. That’s just insane! So before you jump down GS back maybe you should be aware of what the specific legislation is saying. I appreciate GS keeping RV owners aware of what is going on.

  4. Brian Morris

    My wife and Ii are RV’rs and we fully support restirctions on parking recreational vehicles of any kind in driveways or on the street in residential neighborhoods. In our view not only is it dangerous because of the obstuction to vision these vehicles can create for driverd passing through, but these RV’s, Boats, Sea-doos and tent-trailers etc.,parked in driveways diminidh the appearnce of the whole residential area..

    Most cities have plenty of paid storage facilities and the people who own these “toys” can well afford to use these storage facilities as we did for several years before we moved out into the country on 50 acres.

  5. Nancy Lindsay

    My community has strict RV parking regulations. RVs cannot be parked long term/permanently on the street. They can be parked in a homeowners driveway so long as the RV doesn’t extend into the sidewalk or walkway. Waivers for street parking may be obtained from city hall if you have visitors driving RVs. Their permits must be displayed on the RV and they are for limited duration. Homeowners may park their RV on the street in front of their house overnight for loading before leaving on a trip.

    I support these regulations. RVs parked month after month along the street gathering trash and weeds and, in some cases, blocking the vision of drivers was really unsightly. We have enough cars parked along the streets without adding RVs. When we purchased our RV we knew we didn’t want to have to pay to store the vehicle. The length of our RV was determined by the length of our driveway so we could park it there without a hassle. We have enjoyed our PleasureWay and the RV lifestyle.

  6. Barry Zeidman

    Good Sam is not your friend when it comes to parking rights. Because of them only three rv owners in the city of Chico, CA must pay for storage of their rv. They allowed the law to be complaint driven. In other words if your neighbor does not like you, they complain then you have to pay for storage. It makes you mad when you drive up and down the streets of the town and see all of the rv’s and boats still parked in front of their houses. This is what the local Good Sams proposed. Unfair!!

    Good Sam says: We’re sorry to hear of the issues you’re having. I have contacted you by email for further assistance.