GENERATOR TROUBLESHOOTING: Caution – Servicing a generator can create hazards – burns, cuts, fire and shock hazards. Exhaust fumes can be harmful.

Notes: Gasoline powered generators are fed from a midpoint on your main fuel tank. Most generator manufacturers recommend a minimum of one hour loaded run time per month to prevent carburetor gumming.

Generator will not crank: No 12 volt power or 12 volt fuse located on the control panel blown.The battery voltage should be above 9.5 VDC. Possible bad control board or poor wiring connections.

Generator will not start, but cranks: Poor 12 volt power from battery or convertor, bad cables or corroded battery posts, gasoline tank not full enough, carburetor clogged from disuse, spark plugs fouled, automatic choke linkage stuck, faulty oil pressure switch, dirty air filter, low oil level, damaged wiring, or corrosion on the control board.

Generator starts, then fails to run: Low oil level or low oil pressure, Low fuel supply, press the prime switch the recommend length of time, sticky choke linkage, or check the generator AC voltage output. Other voltage tests require an Operating Manual, Troubleshooting charts and learned personnel.

Contact you generator dealer or manufacturer for further information. Online websites are an excellent source of information.

Happy Camping,
Fred b.

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  1. George

    I have an Onan 4000 generator (on a 2006 RV) that is shutting down with a full load. I believe it sat for a long periods before I bought it. How do I get the Sea Foam or other product into the carburetor to try to clean the gum out? Thanks.

  2. George:
    I am afraid there is not anything that will clean out your Onan Carb. – the products contained in gasoline are very stubborn.
    Replacing the contaminated part is the only suggestion I have. Sorry.

    Happy Camping,
    Fred b.

  3. I have an Onan 4.0 BGE on a 10 yaer old Terry. Had a new carb installed for $500
    last year. Learned my lesson, been using it with loads weekly. New problem, Onan cranks and runs strong but no power. Things (AC,ceiling fan, etc.) just stopped working. Tried the shoreline and everything works. Checked for wiring damage – none I can see.
    A local electrician in Borrego Springs, CA says he can service it.
    Just wondering, given your experience, if it sounds like something in particular.
    Breaker on generator is in the off -forward position.

  4. Darthvagrant

    The new 400 Microquiet has a “sealed” carburetor with no parts being available (for the carb.). When the main jet plugged in my Onan 4000 I discovered an immediate, free fix. The “altitude” adjustment is infact a main jet adjustment. The adjustment span is limited by a plastic stop. Pry the stop off the (needle) shaft, and presto!-an adjustable main jet. Just run the needle out to clear the obstruction, then readjust as called for. Yeah-I know. This’s probably against FED regulations. Just do it or have Onan replace the carburetor as they are banned from working on the “sealed” carburetor.
    It galls me Onan doesn’t put 12V DC windings in this generator except for export. Hence-no 12V DC output. It’s also disappointing this $2K plus generator is splash lubricated. NO oil filter, NO oil pump. Noisy, crude and expensive compared to many alternates available today!

  5. Darthvagrant

    Woops-make that “new 4000″……

  6. jeff davis

    have a onan 4obge sitting a while what do i jump out to make it put out power again thanks

  7. Ron Plumlee, Sr.

    Onan 4 kw “BGE” Emerald on 2000 Georgie Boy Landau. Has 1,375 hrs. on the generator. Bank repo. I replaced oil, oil filter, air filter, gas filter, spark plugs, and lubed all linkages. Have to restart several times to keep running with no load, then at times still dies after running a short time. Surges up and down when under load of any kind, usually dying. HELP! Thanks!

  8. scott

    trouble code 47 starts & runs about 5 minutes dies flashed code 33 then code 47


    SCOTT ,

  10. John Raasch

    I have an Onan 4.0 KY speck K that starts And runs for a short time Anywhere from 2 sec to 10 min. Then it shuts down with no fault code. When it ran long enough I turned the AC on, it ran for several min. freq. was 60-61 hertz and the voltage was good. There is fuel still in the bowl and in the line. Is it time to replace the board? I’ve checked the pin connections they look good

  11. coreen lehman

    our problem is opposite from many ,our onan 4000 (2002) was running great change the oil and mnow the gas pours out when you start it. we ran it frequently over winter and just took it for the weekend with no problems. help i dont want to go to the expensive dealership it i can work on it my self . i can usually do a lot of things handy.

  12. James

    trouble code 47 is ignition fault 16 checks cant list all here but you can e-mail me if you like

  13. Walter Davis

    First visit to your website. Friend having trouble with his onan microlite 4000. Had to replace the fuel pump, filter, then would not fire (wire had fell off the block where the plug wire comes out. Long story short had to remove the arm that pinches to the govenor rod, Marked same and put it back as close as possible but now rev’s too high, need to know how (which screw) to adjust the govenor. Also carb. solenoid stuck had to remove and clean it out, since I had the carb off also cleaned the bowl and needle and seat (could there be a problem there causing the rpm problem) rpm is such that you have to hit the stop for fear of causing a problem HELP!

  14. K.Thirumalaisamy

    I have started ac generator (Letourneau make generator usa) but voltage not developping means whenever the engine going high throttle generator prime enable high occurred.please give solution from your end.we have check vr control panal function, and prime relay function are ok,externally connected 24 V DC source through field winding of generator some times runned after the generator build up voltage.please advice what exact reason. I think loss of magnetism and field winding insulation week may be.

  15. Chris Foster

    my onan 4000 generator stops running when I turn the rv engine off

  16. Chris Looper

    I am getting 120v trou my12V system in the rv when the generator is running but everything works fine with shore power

  17. Chris:
    Please send more detailed info

    The 12 VDC works when? The 120 VAC works when please?

    Happy Camping,
    Fred b.

  18. Chris Foster:
    You may have a problem with your transfer switch dropping out your generator when the rv engine is stopped.

    Do you have an energy management systems?

    Fred b.

  19. G LANGE


  20. Tom

    I have a 4000 Onan GenSet, model # 4BGEFA26100K, serial # K933096982 Emerald Plus generator – I replaced the fuel pump but generator will run 5 to 10 min. and sometimes 1/2 hour before shutting down. When the generator shuts down on it’s own I can start it right up and it will run another 5 to 10 min. and some days it will run continuiously until I shut it down. Help!

  21. Printed in USA 981-0159D 11-04 – Cummins Onan

    Please goggle and print this troubleshooting chart.

    Many things can cause a intermittent shutdown – including:

    Oil oil bath level or pressure.

    Partially clogged fuel filter.

    Bad fuel – water or other contaminants in fuel – old fuel.

    Partially clogged air filer.

    High elevation.

    If using liquid LP gas – summer in winter or vise verse.

    Loose wiring connections or corroded connections.

    Load turned on before gen is at full heat up.

    Sticky choke linkage.

    Happy camping,
    Fred b.

  22. Frank

    I would like instructions to replace fuel filter on Onan Micro Quiet 4000 generator,4KYFA2610. I can see the filter but I can’t seem to get to it. It is on a Class C motor home. I think after 6 years I should replace it. Thank you.

  23. Frank:
    Look at the diagram SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS – fuel inlet is located in the left-lower corner.

    Follow the fuel line – your filter maybe in that area.

    Go to the Onan parts breakdown if you need to.

    Happy camping,
    Fred b.

  24. Tommy

    Recently I was running my Onan mod.4KYFA26100F under moderate load
    and it started making a loud clicking or popping sound. I ran and shut it down,
    turned every thing off, did a visual check, tried to restart it, nothing.
    Did a little more testing and found very weak to the spark to the spark plug.
    It is getting fuel. Could it be an ignition coil? How do I check it? Where can I get
    a trouble shooting manual?

  25. Dick

    Fred, thanks for your suggestions. I have a problem that I haven’t seen mentioned before. We use our Onan 5500 mainly to power the roof a/c. It starts and runs fine with the a/c on. When the desired temperature is reached and the a/c cycles off the generator runs for about 10 seconds and shuts off. It will restart but will only run for 20-30 seconds without the a/c on before it shuts off again. Any ideas?

  26. alan bikowski

    how do i adjust a carb on an onan 4000 mircoquiet generator? there is on screw on the carb and two in the back. please help!

  27. Alice

    I have a new RV (2011 MVP Tahoe) and already have problems with my Onan Generator. It seems when I run it during the day it will shut off soon after I turn on the AC. Anywerhe from 1 to 10 minutes. If I run it at night then it seems to be ok. I think it may be related to the outside temp. Since it is under warranty, I’ve had it serviced. First they said the parts were not spec and replaced. I got it back and I still had the same problem. Now they believe it is vapor lock. Would like to know if anyone else had this similar problem and what resolved it.

  28. Rev

    when onan generator shuts off it smell of raw gas but see no leaks anyone have any ideas Thanx Rev

  29. Tamara

    We have an Onan 7500 quiet diesel, and an AC Source Manager II (in a class A diesel pusher). The genny has been running fine, until today when we turned it on. We ran the AC no problem. Looked at the source manager, and there is a troubleshoot light on.
    The manual says that light means overtemp. It’s not hot out (about 80 degrees), and we weren’t running a full load. We turned off the generator, waited ten minutes, turned it on again, and the same light shows up.
    Any ideas why it would be over temperature, or saying it is?

  30. Keith

    how to tell if starter relay is bad? can jumper starter to get to spin , but what makes bendex push out to turn flywheel? centrifical force? relay chatters when start button pushed, but not same volts go through to starter, should’nt same volts be at both big connectors? thanks

  31. Stanley

    I have 65HHHFA LP gas Onan generator. It runs fine but does not generate electricity. Switches are in the on position. Has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks.

  32. TED

    I have a Onan 5500 on a 2007 5th wheel. It will start and run for about 5 minutes then stops. Flashes code 36, uncommanded stop, I beleive. Changed fuel filter and checked gas. Any help would be great. Thanks



  34. dennis mccarron

    anyone know what code 33 means

  35. dennis mccarron

    7500 onan starts right away, but only runs for 5 mins. think the code is 33, if we figure right. thanks for any help

  36. Ddaan

    I have Onan 4000 GenSet I live at 3500 feet and camp higher how do I adjust altitude adjustment?

  37. Matt

    I have onan generator, it runs but does not put out power. Any ideas what to do to fix.

  38. Keith

    Hi Fred, Have a unique problem.
    Picked up a 6.5 nh with low hours. It came out of a motor home and I planned to use it as a stand alone gen.

    The start/stop switch on the gen doesn’t work, the switch checks out OK and has wires connected to it but it does nothing.

    The gen will start if I jump the BAT side of the relay with the ‘S’ terminal as long as I do not leave the jumper on. Once the jumper is removed, the motor will catch and run and produce electricity OK.

    I have to disconnect the battery cable to stop the gen motor, the switch doesn’t do anything.

    Any ideas on where to look first?


  39. Ryan

    A deisel engine is so much more powerful than one of those little generators. Obviously there is a generator on EVERY engine, but my question is if there is a way to use the full power of the motor itself in the RV as a heavy-duty generator. I’m sure this is just a hypothitical- but hypothetically, what would that entail? I’m envisioning modifying the transmission some how so that there’s a Drive, Neutral, Reverse, Generator gear, where the power spins a generator instead of a drive train. Any thoughts?? THanks.


  40. Stan

    Whoops! I meant My generator in my 83 Southwind starts, but as soon as I let off the switch it stops
    Any ideas what the problem could be?

  41. Stan

    My generator in my 83 Southwind starts, but as soon as I let off the switch it stops
    Wny ideas what the problem could be?

  42. Bud Laforet

    My confident 5 Kohler generator in my 94 geogieboy cruisemaster starts but as soon as I let off of the start button it stops could someone please help me with this problem Thank you [email protected]

  43. what is a good starting point on the carb jets after thet have been gently closed

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    I have a 2007 Fleetwood Terra LX with a 5500 Onan generator. I prime it, start it, and it runs. 15 minutes later it just stops. I can restart and it does the same thing. Never goes more than 15 minutes.

    I have changed filters – oil, air, fuel and also changed the oil.

    What could be wrong. I always prime before starting.

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