• The frame of your slides and major structural members may interrupt the line-of-sight Wi-Fi signal.
  • The number of computers logged on at one given time will affect the signal strength. Please work off-line, and then connect while the Internet is needed.
  • The antenna on your computer must aim itself toward the intended transmitting antenna. Another building, RV or tree may lessen the line-of-sight signal.
  • Other RV’ers may be transmitting from their own system and restrict the signal you are trying to receive.
  • The best channels for the Wi-Fi systems to work on are channels 1-6&11.
  • If you have your own wireless system, you may want to use one of these channels.
  • These channels are less likely to interfere with another Wi-Fi system.
  • External antennas are available for your wi-fi signal to be received with less chance of low signal. These antennas will also allow you to access more systems or antennas from the same system.
  • Atmospheric conditions, storms, water on trees and other conditions can derogate your signal.
  • Try placing your laptop on a table outside your RV, aiming your antenna at different directions can give you an ideas as to how powerful the signal is in your area at one given time.

Please e-mail me for clarifications and additional ideas. There is a link on our website to our e-mail address. [email protected] OR [email protected]

Fred Brandeberry

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  1. Thomas Becher

    I’ve heard of “tin can” antennas to boost signal Has anyone got an idea how to build one and how to connect it? Thanks in advance

  2. John Speciale

    Fred, you suggest aiming the laptop’s wi-fi antenna toward the intended transmitting antenna. Since the laptop’s antenna is internal and thus not visible, how do I know which direction to orient the laptop?

  3. I am on Hughes Net my dish is wired to my desk top computer and then wired to wireless router for my wife’s laptop, (we live in a camp ground), we are in two different slide outs, works very will for us. we also have two other friends with lap top computers in RV’s near us (2or3 camp sites away form us), on our wireless system, I give them my pass word (35 digits long). I have the only desk top the rest are lap tops, but now one seams to have a problem with signal to them, I must have my set up very well. Your e-mail gave my food for thought, thank you.