SLIDE ROOMS – Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

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May 19, 2009

Slide will not move in or out: Ignition switch not is run position; Start engine to provide power; Transmission not in neutral; Parking brake not set; Low 12 volt power; Blown 12 volt fuse; Slides not fully in or out; or a faulty slide mechanism.

Concerns – Electric Slide Outs:
Motor/gear box can go bad. It can shear drive pins in main gear drive mechanism. Motor can become overloaded (excessive amp draw) from drag in the slides.

Concerns – Hydraulic Systems:
Possible failures of the pump, valve or hydraulic lines. Hydraulic lines are particularly susceptible to wear, friction, heat etc. Can develop leaks or breaks in the lines themselves. Relays can fail or trip out.

Leaks of dust or water around your slides:
When opening or closing a slide out room, check the floor. Sand, grit, or other “foreign” substances can get under the slide out and scratch the flooring. Check up topside. Branches, leaves, bird nests, and all manner of things can land on the outside of your slide out, even if you have a retracting slide out awning. These items get trapped in the retraction process, Read and follow the instructions provided with your rig. Do not change the room movement midstream, unless the slide has gone full cycle.

Periodic maintenance: Seals can dry out, what does your manufacturer recommend?
Silicone can dry rubber out. Slides should be lubricated regularly; we should never use a lube like WD-40. Be careful of a lubricant that contains silicone. Hydraulic reservoir levels should be checked regularly. Use what the Hydraulic fluids the factory specifies. Keep your coach batteries charged. Cranking that slide in and out by hand is a long, arduous task. Look at the vertical position of the slide as it moves in and out. All slides move on some type of roller assembly; the outer wall should maintain its stability (with little uneven movement) as it moves in and out. The floor and seals can be damaged if the slide does not move in and out evenly.

Contact the factory or go to their website for a remedy.

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Fred b.

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  1. Jean Ann Jordan

    I have Country Coach…..have had continues problems with main living room slide. Dealer says brake lever on motor is getting bumped but they wire tied it in place and it extended but won’t retract. I finally figured out to take my small tractor with a frontend loader, put a couple horse blankets on the bucket and slowly push the blasted thing in. Had to get a bobcat at the horseshow this weekend to push it in. This motor home has been a challenge putting it mildy and I’ve owned 4 others.

  2. Laverne J. Walheim

    Had problem with slides. The brochure included with the pack of materials when the unit was new, was from Lipper Components. When slide is working & squeeks, etc. take place use synthetic oil in appropriate places as pictured on their webb site. It says 2 or 3 squirts from an oil can. Time will tell!! ljw

  3. Judy

    was wondering what you would use for a lubricant on the slide out. And should put some support under slide out for more support, when out for a long time

  4. HI I,M trying to find HWH specialty hydraulic Oil I went to a RV Dealer and thy told me to USE Dexron automatic trans. fluid. the good book tells me NOT to use it it stains. What is your take on this.
    Thanks GEORGE

  5. Bob

    If I should not use silicone, I would like some suggestions.
    It’s tough to wade through the web sight for Winnebago.

  6. truman

    I have a komfort 07 trailblazer fiver nothing but problems one afer the other too many to tell you about fixed most myself But had a problem with the main slide had to replace the motor . Still waiting for a part from the dealer what a joke I can’t even crank the slide in manually, ect ect ect ect !!!! Just a piece of junk!!!!!! Will never buy another………………………….

  7. Gary Hollmer

    I’ve had most of these problems….especially the hydraulic operated slides. My current RV (a 5er) has electric slides. Last summer, I couldn’t get the main slide in. I couldn’t even hand crank it in. I ended up removing the motor/brake mechanism and was able to hand crank the slide in. The brake mechanism failed somehow, which I still haven’t been able to resolve with the manufacturer (Power Gear).

  8. Drew


    I have a question: What is meant when you say that you should not stop the slide mid stream unless it has gone full cycle? Wouldn’t stopping it mid stream mean that it hasn’t gone full cycle?

    Thank, Drew