RV Cooking Show-Salmon at Olympic National Park

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May 29, 2008

If you are planning to spend some time this summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, do not miss the gorgeous Olympic National Park, one of the gems of our National Parks system. Once there, you can visit the mountains for truly spectacular vistas, the seashore, with its amazing sea stars and beautiful rock arches, and last but not least, the mysterious and lush temperate rainforest, it is absolutely incredible.

Another gem of this beautiful region is salmon, and today I will show you how to prepare it in a foil pouch for a simple but delicious grilled dish. It is what I call company food.

If you’d like the recipe in a printer-friendly format, you can print out the recipe.

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  2. That would be delicious! You can most certainly add the veggies – cut in small and consistently sized pieces – in the same salmon foil pouch. It doesn’t get any easier that this!!

    Let me know what you try – Evanne

  3. Sandy

    Yummy recipe. Thanks for this. Please keep them coming. I think foil wrapping some seasoned vegetables would be a great side with the salmon