Refrigerator Repair Repeat

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November 12, 2014

ActionLineGood Sam Club Life member, Bill Harbour, contacted Action Line when he finally reached the end of his rope after repeated repairs to resolve the same issue were unsuccessful.

Dear Action Line:

We have a 2010 Big Horn trailer that we purchased, new, in 2009. The refrigerator that came with the unit has not worked properly from the time we bought it. It has been worked on numerous times, but they always do the same repair (replace a chip) and it may work for a few days or weeks, but never for very long. Our RV has been at a service facility for five months, and it is still not repaired.

We went through our one year warranty with the manufacturer, Dometic, and have been using our extended warranty since that time. The problem is it never gets fixed.

Any assistance you can give us will be greatly appreciated. We are beyond the end of our rope.

Bill Harbour, Lockhart, TX

 After contacting the manufacturer on behalf of Mr. Harbour, Action Line received the following email:

Action Line,

Thank you for responding on our behalf. We are thankful to say that we have finally heard back from  Dometic. The issue was the wire harness and lower board. Dometic sent the parts at no charge and the repair was covered by our extended warranty. Hopefully these parts will repair it for good.

Bill Harbour

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