Power Memory Seats — A Worthwhile RV Option?

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October 12, 2017

power memory seat
power memory seat

Power Memory Seat Option

Power memory seat options — expanding RV possibilities.

Power memory seats have appeared in the automobile market for years. Today, this feature may be more correctly called “Memory Driver Setting Recall,” as it may configure many specific driver preferences as well as the seat position. Generally, this option may also include steering wheel tilt and telescopic angle, outside mirror alignment, floor pedal position, radio/audio preferences and climate control settings, all specifically for a pre-selected driver.

This memory recall is a well utilized feature on family vehicles. In most cases they may have an occasion to be driven by two or more family members.

But can the same be said about Class A motorhomes? The majority of these often are driven by only one driver. So, is the power memory seat a worthless feature on a motorhome? Is it a feature that is seldom used on an RV?

Power Memory Seat Perks for RVers

Surprisingly, it may be more beneficial on a Class A coach than you think, even if you are the sole operator. So, let’s look at how this memory recall feature can be used.

Most have three designated memory settings: P-1, P-2 and P-3. The first, P-1, should be set-up for the driver. This will include all adjustments best suited for both the driver’s comfort and safety.

The P-2 button can be used once you reach your campsite at your destination. It can be programmed to position the seat (and powered steering wheel if so equipped) to allow it to be turned to provide additional coach seating. Generally this will cause the seat to power fully forward, elevate, and tilt, while the steering wheel repositions to fully vertical and telescopes down. The seat can then be manually rotated 180 degrees.

With the driver’s seat now facing back, the P-3 button must be programmed to adjust the chair in such a position that it is comfortable to relax in.

When breaking camp, the reverse procedure will have everything set precisely right for the driver to again hit the road.

Once you have used this feature in this manner, you will probably agree. The “Memory Driver Setting Recall” option is definitely well worth it.

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